The new expansion for Destiny has finally been revealed, and it's only coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. That puts Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Destiny players in a bit of a predicament: to upgrade or not to upgrade?

Players will still be able to play Destiny for the foreseeable future on last-gen consoles, but no further new content will be made available for those versions of the game. The various characters of players on last-gen do carry over to the current-gen versions of the game as long as players are staying within the same console family. Come August, however, character progress on last-gen and current-gen consoles will become separate, meaning any progress made after August on last-gen versions of the game won't be carried over to the current-gen version of the game.

Asking fans of the game to spend hundreds of dollars on a new console and to re-buy Destiny and its expansions in order to continue playing is a tough pill for many to swallow, but thankfully, it looks as if Bungie and Activision are attempting to work out some kind of deal to make the transition a little easier.

"We are exploring potential options for players to upgrade Destiny from last-gen to next-gen and will have more to say about that with our hardware partners soon," a statement from Activision obtained by Game Informer reads.

It sounds like players who have bought Destiny: The Taken King on last-gen consoles might be eligible for some kind of free copy of the game on current-gen consoles, but we won't know for sure until Activision releases more information. E3 is right around the corner, so perhaps fans will learn more then. Destiny is almost sure to make a showing at Sony's press conference, where fans will get an even better look at the future of the franchise. Perhaps fans will even get a glimpse at Destiny 2, which is rumored to be released in fall of 2017.

Until then, however, players will be able to enjoy Rise of Iron. The game's latest expansion will raise the player's light level cap, add new areas to explore, a new social space, new weapons, new missions, a new raid and even a new enemy type. Big changes will also be coming to the game's PvP Crucible modes, alongside new multiplayer maps. You can read more about Rise of Iron here.

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