Things haven't gone smoothly for Bungie as of late. Following the team's announcement that the next Destiny expansion would be revealed via live stream, the upcoming Rise of Iron DLC has leaked online a number of times: everything, from a trademark to a release date to a full debut trailer has debuted ahead of schedule.

Needless to say, Bungie's reveal hasn't gone how it planned.

Despite all of the information that's already available, Bungie still had plenty to show during its reveal live stream earlier today. Sure, fans already knew that Rise of Iron would feature new guns, gear, Social Spaces and missions, but seeing the expansion's new content in action is a lot better than a few blurry screen shots.

For the most part, the Rise of Iron reveal followed the same basic guidelines as all of Bungie's other reveals. First up was the previously-leaked story trailer: aside from hinting at the DLC's narrative, the teaser confirmed much of the expansion's content.

It's basically everything a Destiny fan could ask for: a new Raid, new missions and a new Strike will all debut with Rise of Iron, along with new weapons and gear. Finally, the trailer confirmed the expansion's Sept. 20 release date, along with the Iron Gjallarhorn preorder bonus.

In terms of the campaign, Bungie was relatively quiet: while the story does indeed revolve around the Iron Lords, actual details about the plot were few and far between. The team did reveal that a new form of the Fallen, mutated and augmented with Old World tech, would serve as the player's main adversary. Bungie also hinted at a larger focus on the world before the war, though no specifics were given.

Bungie was also cryptic about the expansion's content. A new Raid, Strike and set of story missions were confirmed, but the stream didn't really reveal anything about them — and the same thing goes for the new Crucible modes as well. Aside from the fact that Rise of Iron takes place in a new hub dubbed the Plaguelands (complete with Public Events), fans still don't know much about what or where they'll be playing.

However, the team was more specific about updated player abilities. While nothing specific has been locked down quite yet, Guardians will gain a "significant light level increase" during Rise of Iron. There's also a new encounter-specific weapon called a Relic — it's that glowing, fiery axe seen in the trailer.

There was also a surprisingly big focus on the Gjallahorn rocket launcher: Bungie re-confirmed that a special "Iron Gjallahorn" would serve as a preorder bonus, and that the standard version would serve as a reward for completing one of the expansion's various missions. Whether or not the weapon will live up to the Year One hype remains to be seen, but there's no denying that it's one of Destiny's best-looking weapons.

Finally, there's the price: considering that Rise of Iron is not a part of the Destiny season pass, no one had any real idea of how much it would cost. Thankfully, Bungie confirmed that Rise of Iron would be $30 — the perfect middle ground between House of Wolves' and The Dark Below's $20 price point, and the heftier cost of the $40 Taken King expansion.

Expect to see a lot more of Rise of Iron during E3 2016 next week — otherwise, the next Destiny expansion is set for launch on Sept. 20 ... that is, unless you're on last-gen hardware.

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