Bungie has confirmed that Rise of Iron will only be available on next-generation platforms. Original story follows:

It should come as no surprise that Destiny's latest expansion has leaked before Bungie or Activision could make an official announcement. The game is synonymous with leaks like this, going all the way back to the game's first public tests — really, the fact that more information hasn't already made its way online is somewhat surprising.

For those who haven't already heard, an ad featuring the next Destiny expansion — Rise of Iron — was accidentally posted to the game's official website (via GameInformer) earlier today. Unsurprisingly, Bungie and Activision removed the image as quickly as possible ... of course, it wasn't fast enough. Screen shots soon started appearing all over the web, simultaneously confirming previous leaks in the process.

It wasn't just that Rise of Iron is in development, either: the latest leak also confirmed that Destiny's next major DLC update is set for launch this September. Normally, the release date would be the most interesting part of the leak ... but there's something else about the image that may upset some fans of the franchise.

Apparently, Rise of Iron won't be making its way to all platforms. While Destiny is available on both current- and last-generation consoles, the image seemingly confirms that the expansion will only be available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One:

Let's be honest: it was only a matter of time before something like this happened.

Back when Destiny was first announced, the fact that it would be available on all major platforms was a surprise. With so many companies putting all of their focus into the new hardware, Bungie's decision to continue supporting the older platforms seemed like an odd move. To the studio's credit, the different versions of the game have always been identical, even on older hardware.

However, as Destiny continued to grow, it quickly became evident that the vast majority of players were on next-gen machines. While it's extremely difficult to nail down accurate player bases without any help from Bungie or Activision, the game's community site seems to suggest that most of the people who are still playing are doing so on next-gen consoles.

So, what does this mean for Destiny? In the end ... well, it might not mean all that much. Since Rise of Iron isn't part of the Season Pass, Activision won't have to worry about gamers claiming they aren't getting their money's worth — though considering how small the last-gen player base seems to be, there might not be many people complaining in the first place.

At this point, most Destiny fans are probably happy to know that the game isn't as dead as its detractors would have you believe — though it may be time for a few last-gen players to finally upgrade.

Expect to see more of Destiny: Rise of Iron — and possibly Destiny 2 — during E3 2016.

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