WWE 2K16 will be downloadable for free to Xbox Live Gold members, thanks to the joint efforts of 2K and Xbox.

Between June 16 and June 19, every Xbox Live Gold Member can experience the choreographic excitement of WWE 2K16 by simply downloading the game to their console. The good news keeps pouring, as the game will be available for a discounted price in the week following June 19.

This means that gamers can pay very little to continue their smashing fun after the free period expires.

The three-day trial takes place as the two companies want to celebrate the upcoming WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view on June 19, and let's not forget the upcoming E3 event.

The game features the biggest roster from the WWE series, comprising more than 120 Legends and Superstars. To name just a few, you can pick from the likes of Seth Rollins, Paige and Roman Reigns, who are ready to face off against André the Giant, Ric Flair or The Rock himself.

Additionally, the game will have several DLCs full of content, bringing even more characters.

One of the assets of WWE 2K16 is the Showcase mode, where gamers can walk the path of fighter Stone Cold Steve Austin, also known as the Texas Rattlesnake. Get ready to walk through his career-defining matches. Unlocking gear, various characters and match types are a bonus in the slamming process.

This is the second year when the MyCareer mode is available, permitting players to create a character and grow it from the NXT to the Hall of Fame of the WWE. The developers added a few features to this year's game, such as the possibility to interfere with rivals, have backstage interviews and the ability to craft tag teams.

Users familiar with the previous titles in the series will notice that character creation freedom got a boost. The coders embedded a few new modes for the players' entertainment, such as Create a Championship, Create a Female Superstar, Create a Show and Create an Arena.

Every achievement you earn during the free play period, as well as your Gamerscore, will carry over when you buy the full game. The same applies to your saved data, so you have at least three reasons to purchase the full title after June 19. Keep in mind that it will come at a promotional pricing.

The WWE 2K16 is free for download starting June 16.

If you are still having doubts about playing the game, check out our in-depth review. Just to summarize, the biggest up points of the game are:

  • A strong wrestling gameplay
  • High attention to detail
  • The Showcase mode, which loyal fans of the series will love
  • A visual presentation that gives a familiar TV/PPV broadcast feeling

On the downside, the game:

  • Sports some character models that are muddy
  • Features an unreliable submission system
  • Tends to become repetitive during Showcase and MyCareer modes
  • Is rather buggy

Good luck and have fun!

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