Capcom's Resident Evil franchise is one of the game publisher's biggest assets, though it is well known that the series has seen better days.

A Capcom investor report from last month, however, teased that Capcom is preparing something huge for Resident Evil for the second half of the year. There were also claims that Resident Evil 7 would be making its debut at this year's E3, which is a rumor that fans of the franchise were hoping to be true.

Surprisingly, the rumors were true, with Sony unveiling Resident Evil 7 Biohazard at its press event for E3.

The unveiling of the game is not the only surprise, though. Moving away from the familiar third-person shooter platform that the franchise is known for, Resident Evil 7 was revealed to be a first-person experience. In addition, the game will be fully compatible with the PlayStation VR headset of Sony.

The game is built on the new RE engine and will also be coming out for the Xbox One and PC. A playable demo has been released to PlayStation Plus subscribers on the evening of June 13, which will provide gamers a first look at the all-new Resident Evil experience. The demo also means that virtual reality is not a required component to play the title, but from the looks of it, it will be needed to unlock the full potential of Resident Evil 7.

The trailer that Sony revealed for the game was a creepy one and shows that the franchise has gone back to its roots of being a horror game. The trailer also referenced Kitchen, which is a horrifying demo for the PlayStation VR created by Capcom, which has shot up in popularity. This could mean that there are some concepts taken from Kitchen that were used in Resident Evil 7, which is, to say the least, a good idea.

Resident Evil 7 looks great, and fortunately for fans who are still waiting for the next great experience from the franchise, the wait will not be too long. The game is set to be released early next year on Jan. 24, and according to Sony Interactive Entertainment chairman Shawn Layden, it will be one of the 50 titles that will be available for the PlayStation VR upon its launch.

The trailer and released demo comes almost a year after the debut of the first teaser for Resident Evil 7 in the 2015 edition of E3.

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