PlayStation 4 owners will soon be able to toy around with legendary superheroes such as Batman and Spider-Man.

During its E3 press conference, Sony unveiled that a virtual reality version of Rocksteady Studios' Batman: Arkham series is in the works for PlayStation VR. What is more, a new and improved Spider-Man adventure developed by Insomniac Games is zapping into the PlayStation 4.

"We've really been pushing for a new era in gaming," says Marvel's executive VP for interactive and digital distribution, Peter Phillips.

He adds that his company aimed and succeeded in finding a premium partner that would value the characters properly.

Ted Price, the helm of Insomniac Games, elaborated on the upcoming game.

He made clear that the action-adventure title will be disconnected from the soon to arrive movie Spider-Man: Homecoming, as the main character of the game will be a rather experienced Peter Parker.

Price tantalizes the audience by pointing out that the Peter Parker from the game will face multiple challenges, one of which will be to balance his personal life with the responsibility that drives him to protect New York City.

On June 13, Microsoft took the stage at E3 to inform the media that a revamped Xbox One console is in the works, packing more power and a slimmer silhouette than the original one. Sony did not waste any time and focused its E3 briefing on revealing its future games for its PS4 and PS VR systems.

Before the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Sony let slip that it is also working on an improved PS4 version, but said that it will not display the result at the annual show.

However, Sony did show off some of its upcoming games, and the titles vary from the challenging investigation in Detroit: Become Human to the dramatic Days Gone, and from the much anticipated The Last Guardian to the awe-inspiring variant of God of War that takes place among Norse gods.

Take note that some of Sony's games will pack support for PlayStation VR, such as Resident Evil VII, Star Wars Battlefront and Final Fantasy XV. Sony announced that its proprietary VR headset will roll out on Oct. 13 for a price of $399, and it will be compatible with the PS4.

One of the notable moments of Sony's E3 presentation featured Hideo Kojima. The man behind Metal Gear Solid showed a clip that gives some hints about his latest work, Death Stranding.

Take a look at the Spider-Man trailer below to have a taste of what Sony is preparing for Marvel fans.

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