Little Ivy Pepper will not be so little anymore when the character transitions into Poison Ivy for Gotham's third season.

The change is actually both a makeover AND promotion for the character.

In a way, Pepper will both be returning and not returning to the show. Yes, the character, who intermittently appeared as an orphan obsessed with plants, in the show's seasons one and two, will be back, but, no, she's not exactly going to be like her old self, literally and figuratively.

When Gotham comes back for its third season, Pepper will be older, so that means the actress playing her, Clare Foley, will not be returning. Instead, she will be replaced by an actress in their late teens, who will not only assume the role of the fledgling eco-terrorist but will also be a series regular.

Yes, Poison Ivy is getting more screen time when the show returns in the fall.

According to TVLine, casting is underway for the actress who will fill the shoes of one of Gotham's most recognizable villains.

Speaking of villains, a number will be introduced in the coming season. Joining Poison Ivy are the Mad Hatter, the Tweedle Brothers, Solomon Grundy and Talon.

The Mad Hatter, who is also known as Dr. Jervis Tetch, was hinted to appear earlier in season two but did not. A scientist, Tetch used mind-control technology he developed himself in controlling his victims.

And where the Mad Hatter appeared, the Tweedle Brothers are not far behind. In the comics, the criminal twins used Tetch's mind-control technology to build their own "Wonderland Gang" of thugs.

Solomon Grundy, on the other hand, was speculated to have appeared in a cameo in season two's "Unleashed" episode as an unidentified grunting and hulking prisoner at Indian Hill. Reanimated into a zombie-like abomination, Grundy is a merchant's corpse imbued with super strength and immortality.

Of these villains, Talon is the newest, created only in 2011 from Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder's "Court of Owls" story line. Also known as William Cobb, Talon is a highly skilled assassin sent to kill Batman at the order of the Court.

Season three of Gotham will also introduce Vicki Vale, best known in the comics as one of Bruce Wayne's love interests.

When Gotham returns, it will be part of Fox's 2016-2017 lineup, which will include six new dramas, three new comedies, two new event series and two new reality shows.

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