If you're anticipating the day Batfleck is set to make his debut in Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, this fan film might hold you over until the movie's March premiere. Not only that, but it might end up having a more original take than the DC/Warner Bros. collaboration.

Created by Forewarned Films and directed by Letia Clouston, The Demon in the Dark takes the premise of what "good" and "evil" are in the DC universe's most notorious metropolis, and subsequently gives viewers a different angle on Gotham's goings-on from characters that you'd least expect (hint: the character the title alludes to is a pretty big clue on the film's major POV shift).

The Demon in the Dark also gives us some awesome cameos, which include DC supervillians, the Green Lantern and the Dark Knight himself.

As the Mary Sue pointed out, the "Gotham City" depicted in the short isn't actually Gotham City, due to some serious infringement suits the Forewarned creative team could incur from DC Entertainment and/or Warner Bros. The creators even note on their Vimeo page their effort is a "nonprofit film, no way associated with or endorsed by" either the original creators or the companies that own the rights to all things Batman.

It's a wise route for makers of fan films and homages to their favorite fictional characters and universes, especially considering the relatively recent popularity of polished pieces like Power/Rangers, a short film staring Dawson's Creek star James Van der Beek and Katee Sackhoff, which, to much acclaim, imagined the fates of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers in a dystopian universe.

Here's the official synopsis for the short:

"A secret group of six must work together to deliver a "package" while evading an unknown predator prowling the dark streets of Gotham City. Is it a monster, an alien, or simply a psychopath on a rampage? [...] Explosions, stabbings and gunfire quickly become part of the plan as the squad desperately races to the drop-off point, leaving smoking piles of destruction in their wake."

Watch the short film The Demon in the Dark in the video clip below.


Source: Vimeo

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