Motorola recently announced its new Moto Z smartphones that support modular extensions called Moto Mods and some pricing details have now surfaced for the accessories.

The company has yet to announce its pricing scheme, but a new leak now lists the alleged prices of the Moto Mods for the Verizon Moto Z and, if accurate, the modules are not exactly affordable.

The leak surfaced on Reddit, purportedly showing the Moto Mods' prices as listed on the My Verizon app. According to the screenshots posted on image-hosting website Imgur, the alleged Moto Mods prices are as follows:

The Insta-Share Projector will apparently require a hefty investment of $299, the TUMI Wireless Charging Power Pack will cost $99, the TUMI Power Pack will be $89, the JBL SoundBoost will cost $79.99, while the Kate Spade shell will retail at $79.

In other words, it seems like none of the Moto Mods will be cheaper than $79, which basically shuts down any expectations of affordable modules for the Moto Z.

LG already received criticism over its pricing scheme for the LG Friends modules for the G5 flagship, but Motorola fans hoped the Moto Mods would be more decently priced.

The Insta-Share projector, for instance, sounds like a decent gadget for a smartphone although it only has a 50-lumen projection output and a 1,100 mAh battery, but at $300 it seems awfully overpriced.

It remains to be seen, however, if these are indeed the real prices for the Moto Mods. Even if these price points turn out to be accurate, there's still a chance that they only apply to the Verizon accessories. If so, Motorola could offer the Moto Mods at more affordable price points for the unlocked Moto Z smartphones, but nothing is confirmed at this point.

We'll make sure to keep you up to date as soon as Motorola offers some official details regarding its pricing scheme for the Moto Z and Moto Mods accessories. For now, it might be best to take this leaked pricing scheme with a hefty grain of salt, as it may turn out to be fake.

You can read our previous coverage to learn more about the modular accessories from Motorola, or check out our comparison to see how the Moto Mods fare against the LG Friends.

If these are the real Moto Mods prices, would you spend this much? Drop by our comment section below and share your thoughts on the matter.

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