The Big Apple may be "the greatest city in the world," but a new report in the United States revealed that Philadelphia is actually the best place fit for millennials.

Ideal City

In a survey by apartment search company Abodo, one in five millennials said New York is their perfect city, followed by San Francisco and Seattle.

Only less than 1 percent of the respondents said the same for Philadelphia.

To add that to the sting, when Abodo asked Philadelphians to choose their ideal city, their top choice was Seattle.

What's the deal then? Why is Philadelphia still the best city for millennials?

According to the report, the city of cheesesteaks and the Liberty Bell outranks New York and other cities when it comes to qualities that the younger generation value.

Indeed, the top five qualities that make Philadelphia the best city for millennials are the following: affordable rent, a thriving job market, affordable home prices, lots of local restaurants and lots of parks and hiking trails.

When it comes to this aspect, Boston ranks second, Washington, D.C. follows in third, and New York City is only in fourth place.

Other factors that millennials want in their place of living include quality pizza, an LGBTQ-friendly environment and access to music venues.

Education System

Still, Philadelphia is not without flaws. The Pennsylvanian city doesn't have a good public school system, while Seattle was the only city that met this specific criterion.

For what it's worth, Philadelphia is trying to improve its education system as well as its issues on poverty.

News site Curbed Philly reports that the City Council is set to finalize the soda tax, making it the first city in the U.S. to use soda tax funds for parks and community center renovations, for community schools and for universal pre-school.

How The Survey Reflects Millennials

Abodo Communications Manager Sam Radbil says the survey shows that millennials are actually career-driven, even though their reputation is being entitled or lazy.

"They care about the job market and their careers," says Radbil. "They are looking for a place that is affordable."

Meanwhile, Paul Levy, CEO and president of Center City District, says New York City's rank has to do with the fact that it simply has more jobs than Philly.

But about 40 percent of the residents in Greater Center City — one section of Philadelphia — are millennials, he says, because Philadelphia has done a great job attracting this age group.

"Despite what people may say in surveys, jobs are the No.1 determinant for residential location decisions," adds Levy.

The full Abodo report is featured in the company's website.

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