A U.S. used car dealership in New Hampshire is offering an unconventional bundle with the purchase of a vehicle: a free assault rifle.

Hagan's Motor Pool in Rochester, New Hampshire is running a "Buy a Car, Get an AR" promotion for select vehicles, offering AR-15 semi-automatic rifles as a bonus.

"Need a car? Want a free AR-15 also? Get both at Hagan's," the used car dealer touts in an ad posted on its Facebook page. Hagan's even makes an appeal to people to promote this campaign and "Make America Armed Again," noting that Facebook would not permit such advertising.

The promotional bundle actually kicked off last month, but mostly went under the radar. In the past week, however, in the wake of the tragic Orlando shooting, the promo drew more attention and started sparking controversy. The used car dealer continues to sell a number of vehicles with the AR-15 bundle and seems unfazed by criticism.

Hagan's, for its part, says that interested customers have to pass a background check to take advantage of this promotional bundle, meaning that it won't be handing out assault rifles to anyone who buys a used car. Even so, it's a bit odd to say the least to sell a car + rifle combo.

This is not the first time the AR-15 rifle is at the center of a controversy in the United States. Last year, for instance, Walmart decided to stop selling the AR-15 and other similar rifles. At the time, the retailer said the decision was pure business and had nothing to do with the whole gun controversy - there was simply low demand. Walmart is the nation's biggest seller of guns and ammo and its explanation citing demand was met with skepticism.

The AR-15 has been used in several mass shootings and it was also believed to be the gun used in the recent Orlando massacre, but it was later revealed that the Orlando shooter actually used a Sig Sauer MCX semi-automatic rifle.

Nevertheless, the matter of gun control continues to stir mixed reactions and divide the public opinion in two. With regard to Hagan's gun giveaway, some find it highly unsettling and scold the car dealer for promoting such a horrendous bundle, while others support it, citing the Second Amendment.

Hagan's, meanwhile, says it saw "very little negativity" and "so much positive feedback." The seller further declares that the promotion does not stem from bigotry or hate toward any race, sexual orientation, political affiliation or anything of the sort - it simply caters to one's right to defend themselves.

The promotional bundle will continue while supplies last, and Hagan's notes that it doesn't keep the guns on site.

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