Amazon is one of those ubiquitous brands that offer anything from online merchandise to high quality networking and web services, and the big A just announced a tempting offer for the consumer market.

Amazon Cloud Drive is one of the best services the company offers, and for a limited amount of time it now comes with unlimited storage. A pretty decent app lets users from the main ecosystems tap into it.

If you haven't already, you can download the Android and iOS apps from the official pages.

Users can sign in for the three-month trials or just use their Amazon account to get inside the app. The software allows you to upload files to the highly safe Cloud Drive storage, and gives easy access to all files, be it documents, music, spreadsheets, photos or videos that you packed inside.

"You've got important stuff. We keep all of it secure," Amazon says.

As Amazon explains, photos from old PCs, from your workstation and from your phone can be bundled up safely in one place. Those who are worried that the quality of their images could suffer should know that Amazon does not modify or optimize the files when it stores them on its servers.

Some users tend to clutter their phones with numerous selfies and concert videos, which makes Cloud Drive a great companion for keeping the handset with just enough free storage room.

Taking a leaf out of standard cloud services, the files can be accessed or modified from all ecosystems, be it mobile or desktop. Keep in mind that you can only upload up to 2 GB per file on the mobile app, but luckily the desktop app features no such limitation.

On the plus side, the Cloud Drive app features a simplified, almost basic interface. This gives access to a basic functionality that you want when manipulating huge quantities of data. Inside the app, users get to preview document files, enjoy their stored multimedia content and organize it into folders.

As you would expect from cloud drive software, you may upload and download files and even share them as attachments or links. Thanks to the sleek timeline layout, it is easy to find that specific goofy photo you uploaded last year during the vacation.

Normally, Amazon charges $60 per year for a subscription granting unlimited storage. Should you want to pay less, you can opt for the $12 annual fee, which gives way to unlimited stored photos and 5 GB of space for other types of files.

The Cloud Drive mobile app is free of charge.

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