Batman Is Getting Some Serious Upgrades For 'Justice League'


A number of journalists recently visited the Justice League set to get the inside scoop on how the upcoming film looks to avoid the many mistakes of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In the process, fans have learned more about the film's plot, tone and even the movie's mysterious villain.

Those in attendance also got a close look at the new costumes and vehicles fans can expect to see in the 2017 blockbuster. Batman is known for his fleet of bat-themed vehicles and gadgets, and it sounds like fans can expect to see plenty of Bruce Wayne's new toys in Justice League.

For starters, the Batmobile is getting a number of upgrades. It has been rebuilt since Batman v Superman, and comes equipped with a number of new weapons and more armor plating. Concept art even showed the Batmobile screwing itself into the ground to form a sort of artillery gun.

However, that's the just beginning. Bruce will have two brand new vehicles in the sequel as well. The Flying Fox is a massive jet that serves as a troop transport for the Justice League.

It's even big enough to carry Batman's various other vehicles, like the new Nightcrawler. This four-legged walking tank will be front and center for one of the movie's most impressive action scenes as the heroes of the Justice League face off against an army of Parademons (those scary flying creatures seen in Batman's vision in Batman v Superman) in a tunnel underneath Gotham City.

Batman is also getting a new suit, dubbed the Tactical Suit. It's a more armored version of his regular suit that is said to be sleeker in appearance. It doesn't sound like the suit was quite finished, but reference photos for it are reported to have included numerous images of Batman from the Batman: Arkham video game series, and even included an image of the very tactical-looking Arkham Knight.

None of this is to say Batman didn't already have plenty of impressive tech in Batman v Superman. In addition to the Batmobile and the plane-like Bat, Batman also sported a number of kryptonite-powered weaponry and a heavily-armored Batsuit specifically designed to take on Superman. However, given all these new details, Batman's Justice League arsenal sounds like it will blow his Batman v Superman armaments out of the water.

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