Burger King has rolled out some interesting menu items in the past, such as the the black Whopper, as well as some other strange ones that either hit or miss, such as Chicken Fries and grilled hot dogs.

Now, the fast food chain has fired up another great idea, finding a way to combine two foods that are a match made in foodie heaven — that is, if heaven was filled with warm and liquid-y rivers of cheese and mountains made of crunchy Cheetos.

Forget ordering a burger and some fries when looking for a quick meal or snack, because now, customers can order mac 'n cheese to go. If that wasn't great news in itself, Burger King is serving it inside Cheetos.

Burger King unveiled the latest addition to its menu on Wednesday, appropriately titled Mac n' Cheetos.

"For anyone who ever wished they could eat warm mac n' cheese like they do a bag of chips, Mac n' Cheetos make the previously unthinkable a reality. Now with this cheesy treat, everyone can snack on-the-go whether en route to the beach or during a summer road trip," Burger King said in a press release.

Now, this either sounds like some grotesque frankenfood that has gone too far, or the most genius ideas since Taco Bell's Doritos Locos Tacos. Of course, this depends on the taste bud preference of each person, but just give it a moment to soak in before you start salivating.

Although some food combinations are better left separated, the mac n' cheese and Cheetos combo just sounds like it would taste delicious together.

The "dangerously cheesy" menu item consist of mac n' cheese being deep fried into a mozzarella stick-like shell that looks like a puffy Cheeto and has the signature Cheetos flavor. Orange residue on the customer's fingers is also very likely.

Mac n' Cheetos will be added to the menu for a limited time at participating locations, including select Burger Kings in Southern California locations starting on Monday, June 27. An order that comes with five pieces for 310 calories will retail at $2.49.

This isn't the only strange, yet wonderful food item Burger King will release. Burger King's North American president revealed the chain is working on other new items for the future. Since Mac n' Cheetos was created in partnership between Burger King in PepsiCo Inc.'s Frito-Lay, this might mean the fast food company will create mash-ups with other snacks like Doritos or other chips.

Regardless of whether or not this new item sounds appetizing, the mash-up appears to be targeting millennials and the younger crowd who enjoy snack food as much as Instagramming their meals. Nothing screams a good Insta pic than gooey cheese seeping out of a puffed-up Cheeto.

People are already eating this news up online, even if it is just to voice their amount of disgust with fast food in America. While many people are turned off by this concoction, others can’t wait to try it — especially if it comes in the “flamin hot” flavor.

Those who really want to know the Mac 'n Cheetos taste can check out the review from YouTube channel Peep THIS Out!, which already has over 78,000 views.

Source: Bloomberg

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