The fast food wars are raging, but it is in these times of steep drive-through competition that some of the greatest fast food innovations of the past decade have come to life.

Maybe innovation is a strong word. It's certainly not what Burger King is doing. As spotted by Food Beast, a Pennsylvania Burger King is selling what is called a "Whopperrito," which appears to be the chain's signature Whopper burger in burrito form. It appears the chain is testing out this new creation and that it might arrive at all Burger King restaurants in the near future.

All of the regular Whopper features - the beef, the ketchup, the mustard, the tomatoes, the lettuce, the pickles and the onions - look to be included in this new form of Whopper.

That raises the question: is the Whopperrito really a burrito? There's nothing new added to the formula besides a tortilla. As pointed out by BroBible, doesn't that make this more of a Whopper Wrap than a Whopper burrito?

Perhaps Burger King is jealous of all the business Taco Bell is getting and is trying to attract those who can't get enough burritos in their life. Still, the Whopperrito seems more like the health-food version of the Whopper than a brand-new item worth getting excited about. Not that replacing the bread with a tortilla makes for a much healthier Whopper, but 90 percent of America doesn't know that.

So what could convince Americans to actually go to Burger King? Maybe if they were all spas like this Burger King in Finland. That Burger King comes with video games and booze, though it does have a pricey entry fee. Perhaps a cheaper, more American version of the same idea could work though. Instead of a spa, Burger King could try putting kiddie pools in each restaurant. That's sure to bring in the youngsters.

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