Best HTC Vive Games You Can Play: Call Of The Starseed, The Lab, Time Machine VR And More


With virtual reality being touted as the next big thing to have happened to the gaming industry, consumers are in for a rollicking time as a slew of exciting titles meant for VR headsets are poised to hit the market.

Those who have already ordered the HTC Vive must be waiting with bated breath for the VR headset's arrival, but have you zoned in on the games you can play through SteamVR? If you are yet to take the leap of faith, do not worry as we have rounded up some of the best titles for the HTC Vive that you can engage in, such as The Lab, The Gallery: Call of The Starseed and Time Machine VR that will be available in 2016.

The Gallery: Call Of The Starseed

The Gallery: Call Of The Starseed is a fantasy adventure title from Cloudhead Games and the player's mission is to locate their sister who is missing. Call Of The Starseed is the first episode in the four-part series of The Gallery. Each ensuing episode will be released every six months (from April 2016). Call Of The Starseed was released on April 5 and can be purchased from the Steam store at a discounted price until July 5.

FATED: The Silent Oath

This is a first-person adventure title from Frima Studio and is available for the HTC Vive on Steam. Set in the age of the Vikings, FATED: The Silent Oath has a strong story line to get gamers invested emotionally. The game is currently on sale on the Steam store.

The Lab

The Lab is a free demo software from Valve and is essentially a compilation of eight minigames and tech demos. Each challenge is short and sweet and endearing in its own way.

The mini challenges and games have been based on the innumerable experiments the Aperture Science lab conducts. Xortex and the Longbow game are some of our favorites from The Lab.

The Lab is a perfect option for those looking to get inducted into the world of VR with their HTC Vive.

Time Machine VR

In this title you are a time traveler who is discovering the Jurassic period and the prehistoric creatures that ruled its oceans. However, the ice caps that are melting in the present era "unleash an ancient deadly virus that lays waste to humanity ... and the key to the cure lies in the extraordinary creatures of prehistory."

This is the closest one can get to the Jurassic age as you accomplish the underwater mission and are in year 2033. Released in May, this engaging game is available for purchase from the Steam store.

HTC Vive users can also look forward to Fallout 4 and DOOM VR making their way to the VR headset, but for that you need to wait until 2017.

Recently, Oculus pushed out a new update that removed the hardware check that disallowed one to play exclusive Rift games on the HTC Vive. This means that owners of the HTC VR headset will be able to access not only games meant specifically for the device, but also titles that are compatible with the Oculus Rift.

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