‘Overwatch’ Hero Spotlight: A Beginner’s Guide To Mei


Your typical defensive character normally has an overwhelming presence, but not Mei. In fact, she might look like she'd fare better gunning to be Overwatch's cutest character. However, don't let her laid-back demeanor fool you! She might look like she could be everyone's kind big sister, but Mei will not think twice about icing anyone who's a threat.

Her Story

A peerless climatologist, Mei-Ling Zhou was stationed at Watchpoint: Antarctica, one of the eco-Watchpoints established by Overwatch in remote but critical locations all over the world in an effort to find a solution to the worsening state of the environment. During her stay at the Watchpoint, Mei introduced cutting-edge technology that manipulated climates, protecting at-risk areas in and beyond Asia.

When a sudden, catastrophic polar storm struck the Watchpoint, it left the facility not only damaged but also cut off from the rest of the world. Stranded, with their supplies dwindling, the scientists decided to use cryostasis as a last-ditch effort to survive until help arrives. Help never came, unfortunately, and it wasn't until years later that their cryogenics chamber was discovered.

As the incident's lone survivor, Mei woke up to a world dramatically different from what she last remembered: Overwatch was gone, the climate has taken a turn for the worse and all data from the eco-Watchpoints were lost.

Mei was restarting her life at a disadvantage, but she decided to continue the work she had done, even if it was on her own. Armed with a portable version of her climate-manipulating technology, she embarked on a journey around the world to identify the causes of the dangers the planet's environment is facing.

Her Abilities

Endothermic Blaster - Primarily, a concentrated frost stream that damages, slows and freezes enemies in place within short range is unleashed from Mei's blaster. Alternatively, it can shoot icicle-like projectiles to hurt enemies within medium range.

Cryo-freeze - A block of thick ice encases Mei instantly, healing her and protecting her from damage.

Ice Wall - A massive ice wall is generated, obstructing the enemy's line of sight, stopping their movement and blocking attacks.

Blizzard - A weather-modification drone is deployed, emitting cold wind and snow across a wide area. Enemies within range are slowed down, taking damage, while those who linger long enough will be frozen solid.

Watch Mei's abilities in action below!

Heroes She Is Weak Against

Pharah - As she's up in the air, Pharah can rain down fire on Mei, and there's nothing the climatologist can do about it. Not only will her projectiles not reach Pharah, but she also can't use Ice Wall to protect herself.

Tracer - She might have to be wary of Mei in close range, but Tracer can bypass defensive points the ice-blasting hero may be trying to establish. If she does get Mei to leave her post and give chase, then Tracer's team will have the advantage.

Heroes She Is Strong Against

Genji - Mei can use Cryo-freeze to avoid burst damage from Genji and then freeze him to deal damage herself or to support her teammates' actions.

D.Va - Mei can hinder D.Va's mobility and target her mech's weak spot, the cockpit. She can freeze the former professional gamer, kill the mech and chase down and kill D.Va. If D.Va uses her Ultimate, Mei can use her Ice Wall to protect herself.

Roadhog - Mei can freeze herself to avoid much of the damage Roadhog can dish out and then freeze him to deal damage herself.

Lucio - A frozen Lucio is a dead Lucio. He survives by moving constantly, so sealing his movements will bring his end much sooner.


1. Ice Wall can be used not only to interfere with enemy actions but to support teammates as well, such as giving them a boost so they can get to higher areas in the map.

2. For a quick kill, chase down enemies with Mei's freezing beam, running after targets until they freeze. Once they're solid ice, use her Endothermic Blaster's alternate fire to dole out headshots.

3. Cryo-freeze will keep basically any kind of damage at bay, so activate it when you spot an incoming Ultimate.

4. Mei is vulnerable, however, the moment her Cryo-freeze ability ends. Watch out for enemies who will target this moment to gun her down.

5. Blizzard is great for dealing damage to enemy teams huddled together, but it can also be used as a deterrent, keeping enemies away from capture zones.

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