‘Overwatch’ Hero Spotlight: A Beginner’s Guide To Torbjörn


Overwatch greatly benefited from his works, but now that the organization's glory days are over, Torbjörn is using his genius to be the best defensive character around.

His Story

Torbjörn Linholm is a 57-year-old weapons designer based in Gothenburg, Sweden. At its peak, Overwatch was in possession of one of the most advanced armaments on Earth, which he built.

Prior to the Omnic Crisis, Torbjörn was famous for creating weapons systems used by governments all over the world. He believed that technology was there for a higher purpose for humanity, but many of his employers wanted to control his weapons with networked computer intelligence. Torbjörn deeply mistrusted sentient robotic intelligence. His colleagues wrote this off as paranoia until robots turned against the humans during the crisis.

Overwatch gained a prominent role after the Omnic Crisis and Torbjörn was a crucial part of their effort to maintain the peace. When the organization fell, many of his weapons were stashed away or stolen. Torbjörn feels responsible for his creations so he is determined to ensure that they don't fall into the wrong hands and hurt innocent people.

His Abilities

Rivet Gun - Using his Rivet Gun, Torbjörn can either fire rivets at long range or shoot out molten metal in a burst at close range.

Forge Hammer - Torbjörn turns to his multipurpose hammer for building, upgrading and repairing turrets. It can also be used as a weapon, swung in a pinch.

Build Turret - An enemy-tracking autocannon is constructed. It can be repaired or upgraded with the Forge Hammer, boosting its health and adding a rocket launcher and another cannon barrel.

Armor Pack - Torbjörn releases an armor upgrade, which he or his teammates can use to undo some damage.

Molten Core - After his personal forge overheats, Torbjörn gains significant scrap and armor. His Ultimate also allows him to attack, as well as build and repair turrets, faster than usual.

Watch Torbjörn's abilities in action below!

Heroes He Is Weak Against

Widowmaker and Hanzo - Turret makers are easy prey for snipers.

D.Va - She has a defense matrix that lets her cover her team, plus the ability to flank with her jump jets lets her quickly close gaps made by Torbjörn's turret and consequently take it out. If a team has several Torbjörns, D.Va's Self-Destruct can do quick work of blowing entrenched positions wide open.

Zarya - Her shield can not only absorb damage from a turret, but also give her a massive power boost as Zarya closes in.

Heroes He Is Strong Against

McCree - His slow mobility makes him a prime target for turret tracking.

Tracer and Genji - High mobility makes no difference with turret tracking.


1. Torbjörn specializes in stationary defense, holding down the fort in one position and ensuring that no one from the enemy team gets past him. Unfortunately, his offense is weak, so consider the map and game mode when picking him.

2. Build Torbjörn's turret on a payload when possible, so the two will move together, blasting enemies in range. If you're teamed with a Reinhardt, you can use his shield to protect the turret as it goes to work.

3. Be generous with Armor Packs. Throw them out often to give yourself and your allies a boost. Consequently, pick up as much Scrap as you can as those are used to create Armor Packs. Torbjörn has a max capacity of 200 for Scrap, with each piece he collects equivalent to 25 Scrap.

4. Positioning your turret is everything. Decide on where you will build a turret, as picking it back up will revert it to level 1 when used again. If you are continuously removing your turret, you are not effectively using Torbjörn.

5. Get your turret to level 2 before using Molten Core, as Torbjörn's Ultimate automatically upgrades it.

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