The IoAT (Internet of Amazon's Things) is nearing another major expansion, in which Amazon will release more Dash buttons from additional brands, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Amazon is planning to announce this week the addition of "dozens of new brands" for Dash, according to the report. It didn't specify what brands will add new buttons to Dash into the Prime ecosystem.

Members of the news outlet's staff said they had the opportunity to look at documents tipping the upcoming announcement, and they received confirmation from people familiar with the matter.

So Amazon's ecosystem of Dash button isn't officially called the IoAT, but that's essentially what it is. Each of the Wi-Fi-connected Dash buttons is tied to customers' Amazon Prime accounts and are used to replenish orders.

Prime users can place a Purina button near the pet food and give it a push when ordering a refill of pet chow, for example, or they could stick the Brawny's Dash button near the paper towels and give that a push when they're down to the last roll or two.

"When you are running low on your favorite products at home, simply press Dash Button and relax while your order is fulfilled and delivered," Amazon says. "You can be notified of your order confirmation through the Amazon App."

Amazon already offers over 100 Dash buttons from brands that include Clorox, Glad, Hefty, Ziploc, Gillete, Gerber, Huggies, L'Oreal and a lot more.

While Amazon's Taryn Mitchell, Global VP Digital Sales, stated in March that the company has "seen great engagement" from Prime customers, it looks like the company is ready to make a big push to attract and secure a new wave of Dash users.

During the same month, the company behind analytics platform Slice Intelligence offered a bit more detail on Dash usage than simply calling it "great engagement." But while the company noted that the Dash buttons were "sticking" on early adopters, Amazon is having problems getting people to actually push the buttons.

"Slice Intelligence found that among the current button line-up available for purchase, fewer than fifty percent of people that bought Dash Buttons actually made an order," the company stated in the March report.

Supporting Slice Intelligence's findings about Dash usage is a promotion Amazon has been offering in which the company will pay consumers $5 for using the $5 Dash buttons just once.

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