Marvel To Release Peggy Carter As Captain America And More Versions Across Its Games For The Superhero’s 75th Anniversary


Captain America is being celebrated in a major way for his latest major milestone of a birthday.

In honor of the Star-Spangled Avenger's 75th anniversary, Marvel Games announced on Monday that new versions of the superhero will be featured across its mobile and PC game portfolio.

Marvel unveiled seven never-before-seen variations of the First Avenger that will appear in the mobile games Marvel Contest of Champions, Marvel Future Fight, Marvel Puzzle Quest, Marvel Avengers Alliance 2, Marvel Avengers Academy, the Facebook game Marvel: Avengers Alliance and the PC game Marvel Heroes 2016.

"The unique stories and styles of each Marvel game provide an opportunity for every title to introduce a boldly imaginative version of the legendary Super Soldier," Bill Rosemann, Marvel Games Creative Director said in a statement. "Because our partners enjoy the freedom to craft different storylines for players, fans will see how each game's new version of Captain America is sharply distinct from one another but still completely authentic to the 'Living Legend' we all know and love."

Most notably, the new characters include two females that will suit — and shield — as the Cap.

Peggy Carter and Sharon Rogers are set to have their unique takes on Captain America as they portray him for their respected games Marvel Puzzle Quest and Marvel Future Fight.

More about the new characters are as follows:

75th Anniversary Captain America Peggy Carter

In a world where Steve Rogers was assassinated before he could become Captain America, Peggy Carter joined the Super Soldier Program in his place. A former field agent, Peggy combined the powers of the Super Soldier serum with her top-notch combat training, defending the ideals of freedom and equality as that world's Captain America.

75th Anniversary Captain America Sharon Rogers

In an alternate universe where Captain America was never frozen in ice at the end of World War II, Steve Rogers and Allied resistance fighter Agent Peggy Carter helped win the great conflict and celebrated V-Day with a private marriage ceremony. Their daughter, Sharon Rogers, has taken on her father's mantle. Highly trained in martial arts and espionage, and equipped with a blaster lance and energy absorbing shield, Sharon battles evil and tyrants around the world as Captain America.

There will also be a Civil Warrior character whose story is set on an alternate Earth where Steve Rogers gains Tony Stark's ARC technology to his own gear after the fall of his former friend during the Civil War between the two in Marvel Contest of Champions.

Jeremiah Rogers, or Captain America 1901, will be added to Avengers Alliance 2, whereas the Facebook standalone prequel will get the American Knight version. Marvel Avengers Academy will get a WWII version of the Cap, and Marvel Heroes 2016 will feature the Modern Military Steve Rogers.

Players will be able to access these new versions of Captain American by battling in limited-time events in each game starting on Thursday, June 30.

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