Facebook is pushing out its new "Save" and "Share" Chrome extensions as it also gives its "Like" button a refreshed look in a bid to give its users "new ways to share, save and engage."

In a blog post, Facebook says that it is introducing such new ways so that people will have a more refined saving and sharing experience within its platform.

"This includes two new Chrome extensions, as well as updating our full suite of Social Plugin buttons to make it even easier to share, save and engage with content on Facebook," says the company.

Share And Save Extensions

Facebook has announced the two new Chrome extensions — Save to Facebook and Share to Facebook — as it wishes to boost users' experience and to drive more distribution of websites' content and greater engagement within its network.

As a reminder, the social network already unveiled the save button during its F8 developers conference last April. Now, the company sees more than 300 million people using this handy feature each month. This Save-on-Facebook functionality enables users to save quite a few things from the web that catch their fancy, such as videos, articles and more. Facebook is also sending out notification reminders to people using the said feature to visit their Save list.

Developers can add such buttons into their sites to give people an amped up way to engage with the content on their sites. The company says that websites that have already embedded the old buttons will receive automatic updates. It adds that it is rolling out the update in waves, so people should expect it to pop up in the succeeding weeks.

Redesigned Like Button

Facebook has also given its Like button a much-needed update. The firm says that based on the research it conducted, there is a bigger chance that people click on a button that has a "thumbs up" symbol as opposed to the original Facebook "f" logo.

"Our hypothesis was that more people would understand the thumbs up icon on the Like button, so we conducted qualitative and quantitative tests to measure them side-by-side," it says.

The result of its research showed a considerable increase in engagement. As such, people should expect to see the thumbs up icon surface on a multitude of websites starting today.

A report from TechCrunch says that such updates should help in filling Facebook's News Feed with several news stories from the internet, and "turn Facebook into a more full-fledged Read-It-Later service that competes with Pocket."

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