Great news for Microsoft Surface fans! This might be the time to leave all your saltiness behind as an incredibly reliable leak has surfaced.

Get it? Surface versus "surfaced"? Ha.

Anyway, regarding the "incredibly reliable" description, the surfaced leak does seem to be credible enough because of its very relevant and specific location. This has to be noted since a source posted elsewhere would have affected its credibility, turned it into another rumor, and, thus, more grain of salt for everyone.

So what is it exactly? We're glad you asked.

FIS product developer Shubhan Chemburkar, spotted images in Microsoft's Building 88 in Seattle, home of the team responsible for the Surface's development.

He took to Twitter to post what he discovered, in which a wall dedicated to the company's existing line of Surface products — Surface Pro 4, Surface Pen, and Surface Book, among others — are depicted... and then some.

While the company's recent achievements in 2-in-1 systems have been impressive and all (since this wall may, presumably, be Microsoft's achievement wall of sorts), what we really do care about in this picture are the placeholders for upcoming Surface devices. What's more, the post also hints that the company will be releasing not only three, but four new Surface products in the near future.

Very near, in fact, as the year when the devices' planned release has been printed on the images as well, with one placeholder revealing that a new Surface device will be launched this 2016; the other three next year. It is unknown, however, what type of devices will be released and exactly at which point in time — Surface Pro 5, Surface Book 2, Surface Phone, Surface accessory, or even an entirely new Surface something.

Still, this news is something to look forward to, since Microsoft's hybrid systems have been doing so well these past few months. As a matter of fact, a general trend in the gadgets market has seen tablets slowly declining due to oversaturation, while 2-in-1s or detachable laptops steadily gain popularity, so much so that Dell is focusing on this industry. This trend has been attributed to the device's combined tablet mobility and laptop performance capabilities, which are a highly needed functionality for demanding work environments and private owners on-the-go.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has yet to actually announce any formal confirmation about future plans for its Surface products, but the fact that they have put up placeholders for the upcoming models at the very heart of its Surface headquarters gives us enough indication that the company is pushing through as all the rumors have been suggesting.

At least for now, we can stop passing around the salts, and sweetly wait for the company's expected reveal in the coming months.

Photo: Mike Mozart | Flickr

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