It's that time of the year again when people celebrate the U.S. Independence Day by drinking until their world spins.

It's also that time of the year when accidents caused by drunk driving significantly increases and people die.

Yes, we're going to be grim because it does happen.

Fortunately, people back in the safety-precautious company of Uber, in partnership with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and the Nevada Department of Public Safety (NDPS), will be spreading awareness to combat unnecessary and completely avoidable accidents caused by people who drive under the influence (DUI). Read: alcohol-induced, among other "creative" means.

The idea of a "designated driver" will be reinforced in this initiative, in which the participating entities sincerely urge people who plan on drinking to designate someone or something as their ride home: a close friend, a public transportation or an Uber car ride.

Uber is also running a campaign asking for people to pledge to the cause, to hopefully increase the amount of people who will be promising to do their part. The first 1,000 pledges who enter the code "MADDDAL16" on the Uber app (on either iOS or Android) will automatically trigger a $2 donation for MADD, taken care of by the ride-sharing company.

Those who wish to donate more may visit the MADD website to further support its advocacies for "better laws, support victims, and prevent underage drinking." Uber will also match these donations made to the organization of up to $25,000 until July 5.

Nevada-side Uber will be offering rider coupons of up to $15 until July 5 for new people who will be using its driving services; $5 from these rides will be donated to the MADD organization. In addition, the NDPS will be putting up checkpoints to distribute these Uber vouchers.

Taverns in the area, including other locations in the state run by Golden Entertainment, will also be taking part in the program and shall be donating $1 to MADD for each Uber ride taken to and from these drinking spots.

While we can't exactly stop people from drinking, we can help prevent them (and ourselves) from driving while intoxicated (DWI). Please, for your sake and the welfare of innocent bystanders, do not get behind that wheel if you're inebriated, severely and/or otherwise. There is a myriad of other alternatives to get to our destinations.

And just to drive the point home, MADD ornately elaborates it:

"This Fourth of July how many lives will be lost? How many families will start with a celebration and end in tragedy?"

Photo: Erik Starck | Flickr

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