Fans of Trials of the Blood Dragon can get their hands on the PC demo later this month, and Ubisoft plans to give away the full game if gamers prove themselves worthy.

To take advantage of this offer, you'll first have to get the demo via UPlay on July 22. Those who complete it and rank 15 faults at most will receive a free full version of the game. The more competitive players will want to know that Trials of the Blood Dragon will have leaderboards, but it is unclear what being on top will bring, except personal pride and gamer street cred.

The title can also be played on the other two big ecosystems, namely Xbox One and PlayStation 4. However, only the PC version comes with the demo-challenge to boot.

Those who are unfamiliar with the game should know that Trials of the Blood Dragon is a wacky mélange of ingredients from Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and the Trials series.

Trials games are famous for putting players in psychedelic dirt bike races through imaginative and difficult levels. Blood Dragon, on the other hand, takes a leaf out of Far Cry 3's gameplay and sets players in a cyberpunk retro-futuristic world based on the '80s.

Trials of the Blood Dragon features the dirt bike-riding, cybernetically enhanced children of Rex Power Colt, Roxanne and Slayter, who are on a mission to defeat alien-backed communists. The duo makes use of a vast arsenal of weapons, including grappling hooks, guns, bikes, jetpacks, tanks and more.

The full Trials of the Blood Dragon game takes cyberpunk enthusiasts through more than 30 explosive and colorful missions.

The general consensus is that the game is fun to play and worth one's time, as GameSpot critic Justin Clark mentions in his review.

He does point out that some levels tend to get a bit stale, but that is entirely compensated by the mind-bending and puzzling stages that leave the player with a deep feeling of satisfaction after completing them.

"Where [the game] fails, it's at least failure in favor of trying something new," Clark notes.

He goes on to commend the team behind the mash-up title.

At the end of June, Ubisoft published a video called "5 Things We Love" about Trials of the Blood Dragon, and you might want to give it a look.

Truth be told, the game is pretty engaging and visually immersive. To have a better perspective on the ethos, graphics and story line of the title, check out the video below.

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