Anyone on the internet last night might have noticed that everyone suddenly started chatting about Pokémon.

That's because the mobile game Pokémon Go officially launched and millions of people started playing it.

Pokémon Go uses augmented reality to allow users to find Pokémon all around them: in their living rooms, in their backyards, at local landmarks and everywhere else. And because everyone playing the game is now officially Poké-crazy, some are going above and beyond to catch them all.

Here are just some of the silly, crazy, stupid and even dangerous stunts Pokémon Go players have done in order to grab Pokémon within the game.


Although everyone should know that driving while using a smartphone is dangerous, it's become even more so now that Pokémon Go is a real thing. And yes, people are really driving around their towns searching for Pokémon.

Although some might think this is okay, please know that it isn't: not only does that put the driver's life in danger, but it also endangers pedestrians and other motorists on the road. Don't be that idiot.

Wandering Into Police Stations

At least one police station in Australia is a Pokéspot, but police officers there warn players not to come inside. They have more important things to do, after all, than tell you where to find a Bulbasaur.

Roaming In Dangerous Neighborhoods

Although Pokémon Go is about getting out there and exploring your town or city, please use caution when approaching dangerous neighborhoods. Again, risking one's life to capture a Legendary Pokémon is not worth it. Players should make sure they are always aware of their surroundings.


For players who know their neighbors, it isn't that big of a deal to wander into their yards in search of Pokémon. Otherwise, it's probably a good idea to ask for permission and explain what's going on because players who end up on someone else's property could have the police called on them.

Going Out Alone After Dark

If you're going out after dark to search for Pokémon, take a friend and a flashlight. And don't go into places you aren't familiar with, regardless of which creature lurks there. Always play it safe - after all, it's likely that the Pokémon will still hang out there in the morning.

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