Pokemon Go field test invites are going out now to a limited number of North American users, and hot on the heels of that announcement comes a host of new details and images for the game.

For a while now, fans have been wondering just home many Pokemon would be available for capture in Pokemon Go, and now, they have an answer. At launch, there will be more than 100 Pokemon in-game, though an exact number isn't given. It's not a huge number, considering how there are several hundred more Pokemon in existence, but that number will likely climb in the months and years following the game's official release. 

More details about Pokemon Go's gameplay have also been revealed. Battles won't play out like they do in traditional Pokemon titles, but instead will involve a swiping minigame. Players will be able to take over gym locations and assign Pokemon to it as a gym leader, upon which other players will have to defeat your Pokemon and reduce your gym's "prestige level" to zero in order to claim the gym as their own.

Pokepalls and other items will be available at various Pokeshops, which will be located at various real-world landmarks like historical monuments. Players will receive notifications on their phone when Pokemon available for capture are nearby, so there's no need to constantly have the app running out of fear of missing a Pokemon.

New screen shots show how players will be able to customize their Pokemon trainer. Looks like players will not only be able to customize their avatar's clothing, but facial features as well. You can check out some of those images (as well as a look at the game's battle system in action) below.

Pokemon Go is set to release later this year. The title will be free-to-play with in-app purchases, which will likely include cosmetic items for character customization as well as other items in exchange for real-world cash. In other Pokemon news, the starter Pokemon for Pokemon Sun and Moon have been revealed. You can read more about the franchise's latest Pokemon companions here.

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