Apple To Launch First iOS Developer Academy In October At University Of Naples


Apple has teamed up with the University of Naples Federico II to start the first iOS Developer Academy in the institution's new campus.

The deal between the education institution and the global tech company means that 200 students will participate in the program. Courses will take place over nine months, and both the University and Apple contributed to the content.

Apple's Chief Financial Officer, Luca Maestri, underlines that his company is excited to open the first iOS Developer Academy in Europe in cooperation with the University of Naples Federico II. The University is one of the most prestigious in the world, and the oldest public university in Italy.

Maestri adds that a consistent number of creative developers are European and reinstates his belief that the iOS Developer Academy has the capacity and potential to gift the upcoming generations with the abilities and skills required for success in the tech field.

The first semester will boost the students' skills in iOS development. During the second semester, students will get beyond coding and learn how to conceive and begin a startup, as well as train in successful app design.

If reports from Mac Rumors are to be believed, the students will work both individually and in teams to create apps that will eventually land on the App Store.

The Apple Store is the main provider of more than 75,000 jobs in Italy, and the iOS Developer Academy will equip students with the tools to elevate this number.

Other European countries should see the creation of iOS App Development Centers in the near future. However, Apple did not disclose where the next such project will be located. Similar initiatives are underway in India, where the company plans to build a design and development center in Hyderabad by 2017.

Interested students who would like to join the Naples iOS Development Academy can submit their applications on the official website of the University of Naples. The program is free for European students, but keep in mind that a language test is mandatory in English or Italian. A number of scholarships that can cover living expenses for some students are available.

Academics, developers and those who have an interest in teaching can also sign up to be part of the iOS Developer Academy.

The courses of the Academy are set to debut in October 2016. Back in January this year, Apple's CEO Tim Cook mentioned that his company has plans to open an iOS app development center in Europe.

According to reports from Macerkopf, the following years will see additional institutions being opened.

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