Microsoft surprised everyone by rolling out a new Insider Preview build this weekend, and Build 14385 comes packed with fixes and improvements.

Let's take a look at the change log that details the enhancements and fixes Microsoft delivers for PC:

• A daily notification pop-up warning users that their Windows evaluation copy will expire on July 15, 2016 was removed. The company acknowledges how much frustration the message caused its users and thanks them for their patience.

• Battery life for Surface gadgets was boosted.

• A problem that caused Spotify to break down while playing music was fixed.

• An issue involving where a Google Chrome window would get clipped on the top after maximizing it was resolved.

• A Mobile Hotspot problem was fixed. Specifically, the bug caused the host device to bug-check (go bluescreen) and reboot when it was using a 5 GHz band, while the connected device surfed certain internet pages.

• A problem involving the display of a pin prompt when connecting to certain VPNs was fixed.

>• Issues with LastPass and AdBlock extensions for Microsoft Edge not showing the context menu correctly were solved. Microsoft also repaired a problem causing the current tab in Edge to hang after the user closed Web Notes.

• The update made some changes to the "Projecting to a PC" auto-discoverability, as well.

There are a few fixes that address mobile issues in the change log:

• Users can now open PDFs in Microsoft Edge interact with the PDF via touch. Improved performance is guaranteed by the fact that the scrolling, panning and zooming now happens without reloading the PDF.

• Dated handsets, such as the Lumia 1520, 930 and 830 have extended battery life.

• A problem with the SIM name on a dual SIM phone was resolved.

You can read all about the changes on the official blog. Once you're there, you might want to check out the list of known problems for PC and mobile. Microsoft is aware of the persisting issues and promises to fix them as soon as possible.

Sources familiar with the matter note that Microsoft is in sign-off mode, anticipating the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. This implies that all the builds that the Preview community is getting will be packed into one major update going to the general public on Aug. 2.

The previous major Preview built rolled out at the start of June. Windows Central reports that Microsoft is putting in every effort to get ready with its build for the Anniversary Update sign-off by July 15.

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