People who just started playing Pokémon GO are probably just about ready to hit level 5, which means they will soon have to join a team.

Although there are only three team options, it's hard to decide which team best represents a trainer. After all, this isn't Hogwarts, and there's no magical hat that will help trainers sort themselves into the team that fits them best.

So, what's the difference between the teams? In reality, not much: although each team has its own color and fictional leader, so if you have a favorite color of the three (yellow, blue or red), just pick what appeals to you. However, on the back-end, each team actually represents specific trainer traits.

When a player hits level 5, the option to join a team automatically comes up. There, the player must choose exactly which side fits best. Joining a team is serious business: the game begins to unlock a lot of features, meaning that everything changes once the player makes a choice. Being part of a team means that players now fight not for themselves, but for the entire team. This means claiming new gyms in the name of the team, as well as taking over other teams' gyms. This is when the competition heats up, and so does the action.

Here's a guide to the Pokémon GO teams, their philosophies and backgrounds.

Team Instinct (Yellow)

As its name suggests, Team Instinct is about following and trusting your instincts. This group of trainers relies on their gut feelings when training and choosing Pokémon to battle, rather than relying on learning and knowledge. Led by Spark, the team's mascot is the legendary bird Zapdos.

Team Mystic (Blue)

In Harry Potter terms, Team Mystic is Ravenclaw, meaning that its members are the trainers with the biggest brains. These trainers focus their efforts on science and evolving Pokémon. Members remain calm in battle and rely on their knowledge to win the day. This is also currently the most popular team to join. It's about brains over brawn. Team Mystic's leader is Blanche and its mascot is the Articuno, a legendary ice bird.

Team Valor (Red)

Players who lean more toward Gryffindor will probably prefer Team Valor, which is all about strength and bravery. Led by Candela, this team focuses on being the very best. Training is key, as is bonding with each Pokémon. The team's mascot is the legendary fire bird Moltres.

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