Marvel's latest summer event has already proven to be a bloody one, and issue #3 raises the body count yet again.

For those not in the know, Marvel's Civil War II event revolves around the idea that a new Inhuman, Ulysses, can predict disasters before they happen. Some superheroes think it's in the world's best interest to act on these visions, detaining or defeating those responsible, according to what is seen in Ulysses' dream. Others aren't so sure it's a great idea to arrest people before they've actually committed a crime.

Two major superheroes are already dead. War Machine and She-Hulk died while on a mission attempting to stop Thanos from stealing a cosmic cube, acting on a vision from Ulysses. That caused a major rift between the various heroes, but this latest death will do far more damage.

Spoilers for Civil War II #3 below!

Issue #3 picks up right where issue #2 left off: with Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) confronting Bruce Banner. According to Ulysses, the supposedly Hulk-free Bruce Banner will soon transform once again into the green beast, and he will be responsible for the death of numerous Avengers.

Banner seems more than a little confused that all of his former friends and allies so quickly accuse him of the worst. After all, he has been Hulk-free for more than a year and spends his days playing Minecraft. The distrust of his fellow heroes slowly starts to get to him, and he becomes more and more angry at the course of events.

Just as Banner looks as if his anger may transform him into his green alter ego, an arrow shot from Hawkeye pierces his heart, leaving the other superheroes in shock. According to Hawkeye, Banner told the archer to use a special arrow to kill him if it ever looked like he might once again transform into the Hulk. Hawkeye swears he saw a hint of green in Banner's eye while he yelled, which led to Hawkeye making the tough call.

This is huge, for a number of reasons. For starters, it's the first time a vision from Ulysses has been used to try and stop a fellow superhero, and the result was that superhero's death. Then, there is the fallout of Banner's death. While fans will have to wait until issue #4 for more answers, it looks like the death of the Hulk will be the major rift that tears the superhero world apart. It also helps to explain the character's absence as part of Marvel's upcoming Marvel Now! lineup. Though the Hulk will no doubt be back at some point, it looks like he might not return in 2016.

The entire event, thus far, has been interesting, if nothing else, but Banner's death and the circumstances around it just go to show how out of character it feels for many of these heroes. Not only is it strange to believe that Hawkeye would willingly assassinate a friend, but it also seems bizarre how many heroes are so willing to jump on the "precrime" bandwagon.

So far, nobody has seemed to bring up the fact that the superhero community confronting (i.e., turning on) Banner based on a vision from Ulysses is what caused Bruce to almost lose his cool. Had his friends and allies not acted so suspiciously of him and betrayed his trust, there would have been no reason to shoot Bruce in the first place. Captain Marvel, Iron Man and the rest of the superheroes, in other words, made the vision come true by acting on it.

It's likely that fact will come up in future issues. Iron Man has already raised the idea that Ulysses might not be revealing "the future" so much as one possible future, muddying the waters on whether it's right or wrong to try and prevent disasters before they happen. Civil War II has already resulted in the death of three major heroes, and it seems even more likely now that there will be more to add to that list before the event is through.

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