Star Wars Rebels season two ended with a bang, as Ezra, Kanan, and of all people, Darth Maul, faced off against multiple Sith Inquisitors while Ahsoka faced off against her former master Darth Vader.

Moving into season three, much has changed, and the first clip from the upcoming next season of the show reveals just how much. Kanan is now blind, and Ezra both acts and looks far more mature than in previous seasons. In the clip below, which premiered as part of The Star Wars Show on YouTube, Ezra leads Sabine and Zeb on a mission to rescue Hondo and his friend, who have critical information that needs saving.

The clip shows Ezra making decisions on the fly, barking orders and effortlessly taking out Stormtroopers. It also shows his new look. Ezra's hair is now short, and it looks like he's built a new lightsaber for himself. While Ezra's last lightsaber (destroyed at the end of season two) was also a blaster, it looks like his new saber is much more traditional. That doesn't stop him from using a blaster in the other hand, however, as the clip shows him slicing and shooting away at Stormtroopers with ease. Ezra is acting so differently that Hondo barely recognizes him, asking Sabine, "Is that really Ezra?" to which Sabine replies "Most of the time." You can watch the clip starting at around the 3:45 mark in the video below.

It looks like the now-blind Kanan has been teaching his young padawan well, but there still seems to be a hint of the dark side in Ezra. It was revealed at the end of season two that Darth Maul sought to train Ezra as his own student, and Ezra also managed to open a Sith holocron.

No doubt, Ezra's battle with the dark side is far from over, something that season three is likely to explore. As for when exactly Ezra's new adventures will be arriving? That's still a mystery. The show will once again air on Disney XD, but the third season currently doesn't have an air date. That could likely change with the arrival of Star Wars Celebration Europe this weekend. More details about the upcoming season are bound to come out of the convention, so fans shouldn't have to wait long to hear more about what's next for Ezra and company.

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