Sarlacc Pit Coffee Table Featuring A Struggling Boba Fett Is Bound To Be A Great Conversation Starter


Everybody who has seen Return of the Jedi remembers when Boba Fett, the infamous bounty hunter, met his end at the hands of a blind Han Solo. Han hit Boba's jetpack, which caused it to spiral him out of control and straight into the mouth of the deadly Sarlacc Pit.

Supposedly, Boba Fett died there, slowly and painfully, digested for thousands of years. However, a coffee table from Tom Spina Designs imagines the scenario playing out a little bit differently.

Yes, a coffee table. The creation, made for a client's home theater, shows Boba Fett desperately attempting to climb his way out of the pit, while the glass table top is supported by one of the Sarlacc's tentacles. It's a slick, if not strange, piece. The level of detail on display is staggering, such as the marks in the sand where the bounty hunter is trying to climb his way out and the sand piling up atop Fett's helmet.

Sadly, the coffee table isn't official Star Wars canon. As fans know, the famous bounty hunter is swiftly and decisively gobbled up by the Sarlacc within moments of falling into the pit. There's no Boba Fett crawling to safety in Return of the Jedi, as much as some fans might have wished for it. While some of the now-defunct Star Wars expanded universe stories did have Fett surviving the entire ordeal, for now, he is as dead as they come. 

However, he still lives on in the hearts of fans. He's one of few minor characters in the Star Wars universe that quickly took on a life of his own, becoming a fan favorite. Rumor has it that he may get his own Star Wars anthology film at some point down the line, but so far, nothing official has been said.

In other Star Wars news, this weekend is Star Wars Celebration Europe. Fans from all over the world have converged to see exclusive footage from upcoming Star Wars projects like Rogue One, and even fans at home can get in on the action thanks to live streams. So far, a new behind-the-scenes look at and poster of Rogue One have been revealed, and there's sure to be plenty of other details in the days to come. You can read more about some of the convention's biggest reveals thus far here.

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