The way users view photos on Instagram could change soon — and not for the better.

Instagram has quietly begun to remove what is known as its list view feature, the ability to scroll through posts on an account continuously.

A spokesperson for the company confirmed that it started getting rid of the feature on a small group of users for testing, and has actually been doing so since late June.

While users view a specific user's (and their own) photos shared on the platform in the grid view, the list view makes it easy to scroll through all that user's photos in a larger view — ideal when stalking oneself or getting a closer look at what their friend has been up to over the summer.

Those unlucky enough to have the feature removed will notice that the icon for the list view has been removed from their account. Instead, there is only the icon for the thumbnail view, a location map icon (if activated) and the icon for tagged photos.

But if you are a fan of scrolling through pictures using list view, don't freak out just yet. Even though the icon may have been removed, the feature seems just to be hidden.

When in the grid view mode, users can tap on a picture and still scroll to continue to see the rest that have been shared. Instagram instead is testing combining list view into the grid mode.

Many might not even notice whether or not this feature still remains or is hidden from their Instagram account, but users on Twitter have been voicing out their outrage against the potential decision to can the list view.

Keep in mind that just because the company is testing "removing" list view doesn't mean that it really will.

If the outrage continues, then Instagram might want to think twice before making any major change. We all remember what happened when it shocked the world and changed its iconic logo. And it seems like people are finally just getting over that. The last thing Instagram would want is for users to feel like every update will be worse than the last.

Source: Mashable

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