CBS News (CBSN) took the wraps off a new application for the Apple TV, which has been designed solely for tvOS.

The app for Apple TV (fourth-gen version) boasts an interface that highlights the CBSN streaming network's continuous, original coverage of news, as well as video playlists based on the user's previously watched content.

This is a welcome addition as previously, a regular CBS app was offered by the company as part of its "all access" service, which was subscription-based. By contrast, the CBSN app focuses primarily on broadcasting live content from CBSN's feed.

CBSN announced its exclusive new app for Apple TV users on Friday, July 15, and it looks poised to not only bring new revenue opportunities via advertising, but also highlight customized content that will look to garner user attention.

"Our Apple TV app represents the future of how viewers will consume and interact with video. We are taking advantage of the platform's cutting-edge, interactive technology to offer a customizable experience," noted Christy Tanner, SVP and GM of CBS News Digital.

Not only will the new Apple TV app from CBSN offer users a customizable viewing experience that takes into consideration their content preferences, but it will also take advantage of Siri for voice search.

The CBSN Apple TV app will tap into the integration of Siri, which will enable a user to dole out instructions to the personal assistant such as "Watch CBS News." This will launch the app instantly and begin the full-screen live stream for CBSN sans any authentication.

While the broadcast is going on, the user will also be able to interact with other aspects of the app so that they can browse a related video, subscribe to a particular playlist or topic, or even bookmark something to view it later.

The CBSN app for Apple TV will also find favor with users for the fact that it does not require any subscription or authentication from a cable operator. Apart from focusing on news stories, the app also streams live coverage that is anchored between 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. This is inclusive of coverage for breaking news.

According to CBS, the average viewing session for CBSN is the lengthiest on Apple TV and stands at an hour and 36 minutes. The company is optimistic that the viewership will continue to see a further spike in the near term, especially in the context of connected devices.

To download the latest version of the CBSN app, make sure you have a fourth-gen Apple TV. The app weighs 14.1 MB and can be downloaded from the Apple TV App Store.

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