Those who own a fourth generation Apple TV can now familiarize themselves with the details of Apple's WWDC 2016 conference.

The WWDC app recently got an update that brings the Apple TV in line with other Apple-compatible gadgets, such as the Apple Watch, the iPad and the iPhone.

The upgraded app delivers more than broadened device support, however.

With the WWDC 5.0 app, Apple fans receive a revamped dark user interface that comes with a novel icon that features a white Apple logo on a dark background. As a reminder, the former app variant rolled out ahead of the 2015 edition of the Apple developer conference. Last year's WWDC app came with a white theme carrying an icon with a purple logo sitting over a white background.

Keep in mind that this year's edition of the WWDC takes place between June 13 and June 15.

Keeping in tune with last year's event, the 2016 developer conference starts off with a presentation where the company will showcase its latest OS improvements. Regardless of a specific Apple OS, be it the iOS, tvOS, Mac OS or watchOS, we should see a list of implemented upgrades and some future plans discussed at the event.

Some speculate that Apple could pull the curtains on some hardware pieces such the 2016 MacBook Pro at the WWDC, but it is worth remembering that the developer conference traditionally focuses on the software side.

One notable feature that was maintained in the WWDC app is users' ability to live stream videos, such as the developer sessions and the keynote presentation. What is more, the app permits users to download previous editions' WWDC videos and watch them on replay on their own devices.

If you prefer watching the event on the official website, you can go ahead and do just that, no app required.

On the other hand, you may download the WWDC app for free from iTunes. It only takes up 18.1 MB.

"This update supports live streaming on iOS and tvOS. It also supports multitasking on iOS 9 on iPad," the description of the update reads.

Although the general content comes at no charge to watch and download, a select number of developer sessions ask developer membership in exhange for access.

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