John McAfee is in the news again, but this time he's neither being accused of murder, nor is he making some crazy video about why folks should not use McAfee anti-virus. This time, McAfee is in the spotlight for allegedly stalking a man, a claim to which he denied.

John McAfee has reportedly been evicted from his home in Oregon, along with being hit hard with a civil lawsuit complaint. The stalking complaint came from a property manager with the Riverstone Residential Group, who goes by the name Connor Hyde.

At the moment, Hyde no longer works at the location, said Crystal Pierce, senior property manager at The 20 on Hawthorne. She further went on to add that her company does not comment on legal matters ongoing.

According to Hyde's court filings, McAfee had access to an armed motorcycle gang, weapons, and even went as far as to send him threatening emails. However, the document did not specify what were the contents of the email.

"[McAfee] employs bodyguards from a 'motorcycle club' that are often armed," says Hyde in the complaint. "[McAfee] has access to money, drugs, weapons, and armed associates. He has the ability to follow through with his threats either personally or through his associates."

However, in a phone interview with the Associated Press, McAfee said that Hyde had turned his living conditions in Portland into a nightmare after he allowed strangers to party in vacant condos. In addition, McAfee claimed he had only threatened to sue Hyde and nothing more.

"He gave keys out to all of his friends, and friends of friends," he said. "People were partying in vacant condos. It's turned into a nightmare ever since the new owners purchased the building four months ago."

McAfee also claims he has video evidence of people entering his property, and he plans on using this video as evidence at his civil lawsuit.

Interestingly enough, McAfee did admit to having hired security from Motorcycle gangs. "Everybody knows I have security. Frequently I hire security from motorcycle gangs."

The 68-year-old founder of McAfee Anti-Virus had a recent run-in with the law after he was accused of murdering his neighbor in Belize. He attempted to escape the country with a female companion but was later captured and deported back to the United States.

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