Pokémon GO is the biggest hit in mobile gaming history, and it owns its success in no small part to the get-out-and-explore system.

However, some (lazy) gamers might want to enjoy the title in a more static way, and Pokémon GO has them covered. There are two tools that can attract the adorable monsters to your location while you chill and make as little effort as possible.

Doctors say that in this way you lose half the fun of the game, but we will explain the differences between the tools, nevertheless.

Meet the Lure Module and the Incense, which bring the Pokémon to where you are without having to bat an eye. With that in mind, you might be wondering: what's the important difference between the two that will turn me into the best Pokémon trainer there is?

Should you use an Incense, you get an aura that acts as a magnet to various Pokémon. You simply walk around and the little beasts show up, wherever you are. Keep in mind that Incense does not magically pull Pokémon that appear on your map to your location. This implies that if your radar blimps with the sign of a certain Pokémon, it will not come to where you are.

Instead, Incense attracts just the Pokémon that are invisible to your radar. Another important tidbit of information is that you are the only one who can interact with the Incense-attracted monsters, which means players that happen to be at your location will have zero benefits if you use the Incense Module.

When players tap into the potential of the Lure Module, things are a bit different. You can use Lure only at PokéStops, and once you deploy it, you will have to wait for the Pokémon to make their way to you. It won't follow you around if you move away from the PokéStop, so you have to stay put. The biggest difference from Incense is that every player at the PokéStop can reap the benefits of the Lure Module. This implies that players can expand their Pokémon collection if they get into a PokéStop where a Lure Module was recently used.

To summarize, Incense is the Module of choice if you prefer to be a lonely wolf hunting for Pokémon. Should you find more value in the social experience of Pokémon GO, simply go to a PokéStop and enjoy the effects of the Lure Module. Incense draws Pokémon to the player, Lure attracts them to the location.

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