5 reasons to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10


Microsoft Windows 10 boasts a number of new features and a refreshed design. While there's more than a few months to go before it officially arrives, it's a great time to take a deep look under the OS hood. So we did and we found five good reasons to make the move in 2015.

Multiple Devices

For those who use multiple Windows-based devices, Windows 10 could be the operating system that they need. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 will be essentially the same operating system across both desktop and mobile. Not only that, but there will only be one app store for both desktop and mobile and many apps will be optimized to work on any device. This will help "unify" all Windows 10 devices and ensure that changing devices is as seamless as possible.


Businesses have largely shunned more recent versions of Windows because of confusing new layouts that could prevent many from being able to work to their full extent. With Windows 10 being very reminiscent of old Windows layouts, Microsoft hopes to draw in businesses.

"Windows 10 embodies what our consumer and enterprise customers are demanding and what we will deliver," said Windows chief Terry Myerson. "It will run on the smallest 'Internet of Things' and data centers worldwide."

Apps on the new operating system will be as powerful as ever and able to cater to almost any businesses' needs. Not only that, but connectivity between devices will be maximized, which could enable a much better workflow for many.

The Start Menu

With the Start Menu having been shunned in Windows 8 and making somewhat of an appearance in Windows 8.1, Microsoft is finally bringing back the much-loved Start Menu to Windows in full swing. 

It will feature an updated look and will show apps and other options in metro style if the user wants, which, if done right, could work great. It is expected that users may also be able to configure the Start Menu to look like the Windows 7 Start Menu, too.

Virtual Desktops

A feature that has long been available in other operating systems such as Apple's OS X, Microsoft is finally bringing virtual desktops to Windows. Users will now be able to switch between as many desktops as they want. This could greatly improve workflow on the operating system.

Windowed Metro Apps

In Windows 8, users were forced to use Metro-style apps in full screen, which could be a problem for many users who want multiple apps open at any given time. Windows 10 allows users to open these apps in windows. This means that mouse-and-keyboard users of Windows should be able to use Metro apps.


Microsoft says it has only revealed around 10 percent of the features that will be available in the final version of Windows 10. So the OS is quite promising given it already boasts five good reasons to make the upgrade.

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