Facebook recently upgraded its advertising features for app developers and is slated to release a few more in the coming weeks.

The said feature is expected to help these developers to further manage and optimize their advertisements to not only reach its target market, but actually find a dedicated audience who will increase the developer's revenue over time — simply put, users who will continue to use and make valuable actions in their apps.

In an announcement, Facebook acknowledged that not all users who install an app continue to use it after several days. In fact, citing outside sources, the social media site revealed that only 6 percent of users who install an app continue to use it after 30 days.

"However, not every person who installs an app will take actions within it that are valuable to businesses, such as making a purchase, booking a trip or reaching a certain level within a game," writes Facebook.

While advertisements do help developers reach a target audience who will most likely download their app, these ads do not, however, guarantee a loyal database. Facebook aspires to change all that by adding more options to its marketing features.

First is the App Event Optimization feature, which, as the name suggests, enables developers to choose from a set of optimization options for ads. Once selected, advertisements will target audiences depending on the chosen (and very specific) in-app events — users who will achieve: Complete Registration, Purchase, Content View and much more.

"[Y]our ads reach people most likely to take the action you specify, not just the ones most likely to install your app," describes the feature's page.

Second are Dynamic Adverts that prompt users of related apps featuring the product that they are about to purchase on a developer's website. This should allow app developers to reach people who already show a particular interest in their products and will most likely make future purchases through their app.

Lastly, Facebook Canvas, or a better way of showcasing apps to mobile users via sneak previews. In an example, Facebook uses a casino app and showcases how its ad can run a sort of interactive video, "showing more of the app and giving people a sneak peek into what they can expect."

The last two features are not available as of yet, but is expected to roll out in the coming weeks while App Event Optimization is already live for developers to use.

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