The upcoming Power Rangers reboot film is going to be both new and familiar for fans of the classic television series, as new images begin to show.

This latest image comes from USA Today as part of its Comic-Con preview coverage. The image shows each of the Power Rangers in formation, their helmets removed so that their faces can be seen. The rangers aren't usually seen in their suits without their helmets, though it's not completely out of character. It's the second look at the costumes fans have had, and the first time the characters have actually been glimpsed within the redesigned suits. Previously, fans got a glimpse of an out-of-suit Yellow Ranger going up against the classic, yet dramatically redesigned villain Rita Repulsa.

So far, the verdict is still out on how this new Power Rangers group will be. The suits themselves have an "alien" look that works into the new backstory for the characters and Rita, but they come off looking more than a little goofy (not to mention fake) when the face of each actor is shown. Rita, as we've previously reported, is nothing like the original version of the character, and looks more like Loki from Thor than anything from Power Rangers. Gone is her traditional wicked witch look, replaced with a green and gold look.

However, there's still hope. The film has yet to be seen in action. If a trailer for the movie manages to make a positive first impression, perhaps the film won't be as bad as it increasingly looks. Or there's always the chance a trailer could completely sink all hope for the movie, coming off as cheesy and filled with underwhelming CGI.

Whatever the case, fans likely won't have to wait for long. Power Rangers will have a major presence at this year's Comic-Con, so it wouldn't be too surprising if a trailer for the film made its debut this weekend. It's worth noting that not much has been said about the film's Zords or giant monsters, two key elements of the franchise from the show. If Power Rangers can deliver some excellent Pacific Rim-style mech vs. monster action, it would definitely go a long way toward convincing fans that this reboot understands what made the original show so popular in the first place.

Power Rangers is set to release in 2017, with filming for the movie wrapping up in May.

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