Withings announced its user-friendly thermometer at this year's CES, and the company will release the product on its own site, on Apple's website and in Apple stores.

The company, which was purchased by Nokia for $190 million, announced the $100 Withings Thermo as being a non-intrusive, ultra-fast and reliable thermometer for the whole family.

The device is a smart temporal artery thermometer and some might argue that it is the best gadget of its kind you can get your hands on. It measures body temperature via your temporal artery, which means that it causes virtually no discomfort. You simply position the Thermo on the temple of the patient, press a button, hold still for 2 seconds and there you go.

The gizmo makes use of 16 infrared sensors that deliver 4,000 measurements within 2 seconds of contact. By using latest tech, the thermometer is much more accurate than your previous device. The gadget displays the temperature on a small screen, but its features go way beyond night readability.

Withings' thermometer plays nice with the Wi-Fi networks, and can connect to your phone via Bluetooth. This is useful for self-tracking the variations of fever over long periods of illness, or to update your physician about your state. There is even the option to use the device on its own, without tapping into its connectivity possibilities.

Families with multiple children will have an additional incentive to buy the device. Those who attempt to take the temperature of an agitated child know how much of a drag it can be. That is why parents with sickly children will see the value of Thermo's easy-to-use system and might be willing to pay the high price for the premium device.

The Thermo allows parents to create multiple profiles and note when the kids are taking their medication. It can work great with seniors, or regular adults, for that matter. The device is FDA approved, and Withings cooperates with Boston Children's Hospital's Thermia tool so that a child's fever is easier to manage.

All you need for the device to work are two AAA batteries. According to the manufacturer, a good set of batteries should keep the juice running in the gizmo for up to two years.

Availability of the Withings Thermo is limited to the United States, but other markets are expected to join soon enough. Even though Withings is currently under an exclusive contract with Apple for the release of the device, there is a big chance that the gadget will land on the shelves of rival brands as well.

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