With more users than Tinder, it seems like just about everyone is playing Pokémon GO. While some couples make a date night out of going to catch 'em all together, singles also have the possibility of finding love while playing the game that they love.

It was only a matter of time before a dating service specifically for Pokémon GO players launched, and now, one is finally here.

Expected to launch on Wednesday nationwide, PokéDates is the dating service that matches users with other singles who are looking to catch the love bug as much as they are that rare Pokémon character.

The service is being offered by the already-existing Chicago-based dating service Project Mixup, which provides a dating platform that focuses on being a matchmaker to allow singles to get right into dating in real life rather than having users create profiles or messaging each other.

"Our startup, Project Fixup, does on purpose what this game has accomplished accidentally — using technology to bring people together in the real world," Chief Mixup Officer of Project Mixup Dank Korenevsky told Tech Times. "Pokémon GO is indeed bringing together millions of people all over the world over this shared interest — and there are plenty of humorous articles out there talking about how it's replacing dating apps — but, while we think it's an awesome date idea and a fun icebreaker (especially if one of the people is new to the game), this shared interest might not be enough to find your romantic partner."

So, leave it to the professionals to help single Pokémon fans out.

PokéDates works by first having users answer a questionnaire that includes their dating and Pokémon preferences, whether they are Team Instinct, Mystic or Valor. A PokéDates specialist will then review and approve the account and search the "PokéDateDex" to find the best match.

The specialist then coordinates the date details, including the best time to meet based on each person's availability and if there is a convenient PokéGym or PokéStop nearby.

"We always have our members meet up at public locations, and with PokéDates, it won't be any different," Korenevsky said. "Users will meet at a coffee shop or other local business, fuel up with a coffee (or charge their phones) and head out to explore the surrounding area. In big cities, Chicago at least, PokéStops and gyms are on every corner so they'll be able to play as soon as they step out the door."

The user then receives an email about their "PokéMatch" and the details of the date. All that's left to do is confirm and then meet the person.

"We hope PokéDates will bring singles together to experience the joy of the game and explore their city while getting to know one another," co-founder and CEO of Project Mixup Sarah Press said.

It's free to sign up for PokéDates, and users will get their first date for free by using the promo code "Pokedate2016." However, it then costs $20 per date afterward.

PokéDates is expected to launch for desktop and as a mobile app today.

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