Munch Those Dots: 'Pac-Man Championship Edition 2' Coming To Xbox One, PS4 And PC This September


Pac-Man fans of the game will be glad to know that a new Pac-Man is arriving this September.

Yes, it's the Pac-Man game.

The new title, Pac-Man Championship Edition 2, will be available exclusively in digital format and is slated to launch on the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms, featuring new and improved content that builds on previous highly successful releases.

Its Steam page alone for its previous DX+ edition, released back in Sept. 25, 2013, details how the game has received "Overwhelmingly Positive" ratings based on 5,667 reviews and still continues to receive "Very Positive" reviews in recent months.

For the uninitiated, Pac-Man is an arcade game wherein players take on the role of a round yellow head, Pac-Man, as it chomps down dots on a path while avoiding ghosts that would like to chomp on it as well. The goal of each level is to clear out all dots on the map in the fastest time with additional help from power-ups, useful in times of dire need when, for example, Pac-Man is cornered.

The game may seem very simple at a glance, but it is in fact, rather complex as successful gameplays require accurate maneuvers from players on maze-like levels or else Pac-Man gets eaten by the ghosts. As levels start, players are immediately thrown into the chaos and will have to make rash decisions at forked joints to avoid death while at the same time, maximize on eating dots across the map — Pac-Man requires serious attention and extreme (but flexible) mapping skills.

Through its recent modern remakes, the game has been greatly enhanced to use more clear-cut graphics and neon-colored designs — plus the addition of an apt and lively music theme that builds the adrenaline — which should cater to the demands of the current gaming era used to modern and real-life tech. Of course, Pac-Man won't be integrating real-life animations anytime soon since, at its very core, it's still a fast-paced and nostalgic arcade game.

"Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 features new eye-popping 3D mazes with unique visuals, a wide variety of dynamic mazes, the new ability to bump ghosts, and the addition of intense giant sized ghost boss battles," writes an announcement by developer Bandai Namco.

No specific date has been given for its September release as of yet.

In the meantime, the Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 announcement trailer may be viewed below:

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