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Flat Earthers Say You Can’t Fall Off The Edge Of The Earth Because Of ‘Pac-Man’

Flat Earthers can now explain why we never fall off the edge of the Earth. Remember those portals in 'Pac-Man'? Yup, that’s how it works, they say.

Earth/Environment May 2, 2018

Billy Mitchell To Set The Record Straight About His Disputed 'Donkey Kong,' 'Pac-Man' Records

Billy Mitchell has released a statement, promising that he will set the records straight with documents and witnesses. This followed his 'Donkey Kong' and Pac-Man' scores removal in the Twin Galaxies' leaderboards and in Guinness World Records.

Video Games April 16, 2018

Gamers Now Obsolete: Microsoft AI Achieves Perfect Score In 'Ms. Pac-Man'

An artificial intelligence system created by Microsoft achieved the perfect score in the 1980s arcade game 'Ms. Pac-Man.' The feat has not been achieved by human gamers, even after so many years of trying.

Microsoft June 14, 2017

Namco Founder And Father Of 'Pac-Man' Masaya Nakamura Passes Away At 91 Years Old

Namco announced that Masaya Nakamura, Namco's founder, died last Jan. 22. The mogul is considered one of the key players that contributed to the development of the Japanese video game industry.

Video Games January 31, 2017

Games You Can Play On MacBook Pro Touch Bar: 'Pac-Man', 'Doom', 'Space Fight' And More

Apple stirred some controversy with its latest MacBook Pro, but the laptop's intriguing Touch Bar has also sparked some entertaining experiments. You can now use the Touch Bar to play the piano, play 'Pac-Man,' 'Space Fight,' 'Doom,' and more.

Apple December 12, 2016

Facebook Instant Games Bring The Fun Right Into Your Messenger And News Feed: 17 Games With More To Come

Facebook Instant Games now bring a new HTML5 cross-platform gaming experience to Facebook Messenger and the Facebook News Feed, both on mobile and the web. Games such as 'Pac-Man,' 'Space Invaders,' 'Words With Friends' and other are now available, with more to come.

Internet November 30, 2016

Google Play Store September 2016: The New Apps, Music, Movies And TV Shows Available To Download

New titles being added to the Google Play Store in September include ‘Ghostbusters,’ new episodes of ‘South Park,’ Jason Aldean’s new album and the mobile game ‘Pac-Man Pop.’

Apps/Software September 1, 2016

Munch Those Dots: 'Pac-Man Championship Edition 2' Coming To Xbox One, PS4 And PC This September

The much-hyped and much-loved 'Pac-Man' game is returning this September in a new 'Pac-Man Championship Edition 2' installment. Console players and PC gamers will be brought back to a nostalgic but highly modernized title with features improving upon previous mechanics.

Video Games July 21, 2016

Microorganisms Chase Each Other In Real-Life 'Pac-Man' Game [Video]

Researchers in Norway came up with a three-dimensional maze that features microorganisms that either function as 'Pac-Man' or the carnivorous ghosts. What is the purpose of this real-life 'Pac-Man' game?

Animals July 5, 2016

Review: 'Pac-Man 256' Is A Fun Twist On A Classic Formula

It's hard to believe that Pac-Man is still kicking these days — but if 'Pac-Man 256' is any indication, Bandai Namco still has a few tricks left up its sleeve.

Video Games June 23, 2016

Moff's New Smart Wearable Lets Kids Become A Real-Life 'Pac-Man'

Moff's smartband combines the aesthetic of Bandai Namco's classic arcade game with a kinetic upgrade, letting kids get a fun workout in a new but familiar way.

Gaming January 5, 2016

Oculus Arcade Lets You Play ‘Pac-Man’ And Other Classic Arcade Games In Virtual Reality

Old-school gaming is making a comeback through virtual reality. The Oculus Arcade app brings back classic titles from Bandai Namco, Sega, and Miday with games like 'Pac-Man,' 'Galaga,' and 'Sonic The Hedgehog' ready to play.

Video Games November 12, 2015

TV Legend Marty Ingels Dies At 79

Marty Ingels, husband of actress-singer Shirley Jones, suffered a massive stroke and passed away at the age of 79. The actor-comedian, known for his uniquely raspy voice, died on Wednesday, Oct.21, at Tarzana Medical Center.

Internet Culture October 22, 2015

Gamers Are Trying To Beat 'Pac-Man's Impossible Final Stage

Pac-Man was never designed to be beaten... but that's not stopping these gamers: they're hosting a livestream marathon in an attempt to beat Pac-Man's impossible 256th level!

Geek July 21, 2015

Super Smash Bros. Glitch Makes Pac-Man Impossible To Beat

A glitch makes Pac-Man's opponents fall right through the stage, which often leads to an easy win.

Video Games June 22, 2015

E3 2015: The Videogame History Museum Brings The Evolution Of The Industry To The Show Floor

E3’s best display was a blast from the past as The Videogame History Museum took attendees on a tour through the industry’s golden age.

Geek June 18, 2015

'Crossy Road' Creator Teams Up With Bandai-Namco To Make 'Pac-Man 256'

'Pac-Man 256,' to be developed by Crossy Road creator Hipster Whale with Bandai-Namco, is an endless distance game inspired by the level 256 glitch of the original arcade game.

Video Games May 23, 2015

Pac-Man 35th Anniversary: How To Play For Free

Here's how you can play the classic arcade game Pac-Man on iOS, Andoriod, and your desktop in celebration of the game's 35th anniversary.

Geek May 22, 2015

Happy 35th Birthday, Pac-Man: 35 Fun Facts About The Iconic Yellow Disc

Pac-Man turns 35 years old this week. Here are 35 things you may not have known about the little munchie.

Movies/TV Shows May 21, 2015

You Can Now Play This 'Pong,' 'Pac-Man' And 'Space Invaders' Mash-Up Game For Free

'Pong,' 'Pac-Man' and 'Space Invaders' are all classic arcade games. Playing all three video games for free in this mash-up called 'Pacapong' is totally tubular.

Geek April 9, 2015

April Fools' Day 2015: Google Letting You Play Pac-Man On Google Maps

Googe Maps goes retro, offering up a rare chance to play Pac-Man right on Google Maps. Some say it's Google's annual April Fools' prank.

Apps/Software April 1, 2015

Play 'Pac-Man' Anywhere In The World With Google Maps

This year, Google Maps lets you play Pac-Man anywhere in the world. Choose an area and click the Pac-Man icon in the lower left corner to start.

Internet March 31, 2015

Google AI Learns To Play Atari Video Games: here's How They Did It

Google's artificial intelligence (AI) learns to play classic Atari video games and outperforms humans in some of the games. The Google AI gamer underperformed in some games like Pac-Man.

February 26, 2015

Super Bowl 2015 Ads You Must See: Have a Kleenex for #BestBuds 'Lost Dog' Commercial [Videos]

Our top choices for the best Super Bowl ads that you simply cannot miss on game day. Budweiser's Lost Dog requires a lot of tissue. Try not to cry. Cry a lot.

Movies/TV Shows January 29, 2015

Super Bowl XLIX Commercial: Bud Lite Drinker Becomes Real Life Pac-Man

Get ready: the Super Bowl commercials have begun. This one from Bud Lite will blow your mind. It sends a regular guy into a gigantic, high-tech game of Pac-Man that you have to see to believe.

Movies/TV Shows January 24, 2015

Bud Light Plans to Hit Super Bowl Touchdown with Giant Pac-Man Maze Ad

Giant Pac-Man maze constructed for a Bud Light Superbowl Ad.

Movies/TV Shows January 13, 2015

Wear Pac-Man On Your Wrist With The Official Android Wear Watch Face

Who wouldn't want a little yellow guy to come to life and eat his way around their watch face? You know you would; of course you would! It's the official Pac-Man smartwatch face for Android Wear.

Geek December 22, 2014

E3 2014: Pac-Man joins 'Super Smash Bros.' crew for Wii U, 3DS

Nintendo's E3 announcement reveals that Pac-Man will join as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. The character will be able to throw fruits and eat pellets.

Video Games June 14, 2014

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