Season two of Fox's Gotham saw the beginning of the rise of the city's most infamous villains. A bus-load of Arkham Asylum inmates are now running loose in the city, and it seems like chaos might rule over all.

Jim Gordon already fell a great deal during the second season of Gotham, so much so that he wasn't even a police officer anymore by the end of the season finale. Season three will also bring in the Mad Hatter, who will likely stir up even more chaos in the pre-Batman city. Fans should also learn about the Bruce Wayne doppelganger shown at the end of the season two finale: who is he and why is he important?

"The Pandora's Box gets opened at the end of the [season 2 finale] in a way that is going to have a huge effect in the entire city," Gotham executive producer John Stephens said to Comic Book Resources. "The city we return to in Season 3 will be very different than the city we leave at the end of Season 2."

Fox also teased the Court of Owls playing into the overall story of season three. In the comic books, the Court is a secret society responsible for controlling and manipulating Gotham City for a very long time.

The show also recast Poison Ivy, trading in a younger actress for one a little older.

At San Diego Comic-Con, Fox unveiled four production videos, set up to tease the show's third season. Each focuses on a different character: James Gordon, Harvey Bullock, Alfred Pennyworth and Oswald "Penguin" Cobblepot. Each teaser promises that "heroes will fall."

Cobblepot in particular will have a lot going on in the new season, especially with the return of Fish Mooney, who will likely want to take back the city's criminal underground that previously belonged to her.

Earlier this month, Gotham producer Danny Cannon shared a few teaser photos from the new season. One of those photos showed a character that looks a lot like Killer Croc from the Batman comic books. The show has also already confirmed other villains from Batman mythology for Gotham's third season.

"We'll be seeing Mad Hatter in Season 3," Stephens said. "We'll be seeing the Tweedle Brothers, too, if we're going to bring the Hatter in. In line with the Court of Owls, we'll be seeing Talon. And, we should be seeing Solomon Grundy."

Gotham returns to Fox on Sept. 19.

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