Pokémon GO broke App Store records with the most launch downloads ever, but it apparently reached its peak already and is starting to decline.

The launch of Pokémon GO was a tremendous hit and the game rapidly turned into a social phenomenon, engaging people worldwide to go out and explore their cities in search of tiny Pokémon monsters.

Apple confirmed that Pokémon GO is the most downloaded title for iOS, breaking all records just one week after its release. On both iOS and Android, the game has reportedly topped 30 million downloads so far. Considering the great hype the game stirred, however, it should come as no big surprise that Pokémon GO was the most downloaded app. If you haven't joined the frenzy and played the game yourself, you've surely heard about it, read about it in the news, saw people play it, discussing it, posting about it on social media, defending it, trashing it and so on.

The Pokémon GO phenomenon soared to the top in no time, but are its glory days already behind it? In the United States at least, that may well be the case. That's according to SurveyMonkey, which went beyond the impressive number of downloads and took other factors into account to gauge the game's popularity.

The world's most popular survey software reveals that Pokémon GO has already reached its peak in the United States and the number of daily active users, downloads and searches related to Pokémon GO have been on the decline.

"We're ready to call it. The USA has hit peak Pokémon GO. The game grew incredibly quickly, eclipsing even Google Maps, but its decline has begun," notes SurveyMonkey.

The report goes on to detail a number of indicators leading up to this conclusion, such as daily active user (DAU) data, app download rates and Pokémon GO-related searches on Google.

In terms of DAUs, Pokémon GO peaked on July 14, exactly one week after its launch, when it registered more than 25 million players. SurveyMonkey notes that DAU levels remained along that line for the following days, but then started to decline. As of July 20, the number of daily active users dropped to about 22 million.

Looking at the number of Pokémon GO downloads, the report reveals that the game peaked on July 7, the day it launched in the United States. While other hit games such as Candy Crush Saga and Draw Something peaked a while after their release, Pokémon GO hit the jackpot on day 1.

Lastly, the search interest in Pokémon GO has also started to wane, after registering a "relatively flat peak" between July 13 and 16. In fact, searches using terms related to Pokémon GO closely mirror usage and downloads. For instance, a spike in search interest on July 12 matches the download increase on the same date.

That's not to say that Pokémon GO is no longer interesting or attracting players, just that the whole explosion is slowly starting to cool off. We even have the first U.S. player to master the game and catch 'em all, as one dedicated New Yorker managed to catch all 142 Pokémon available in the United States just two weeks in.

Have you played Pokémon GO? If so, has your interest in the game peaked already, or are you just as excited about it as you were last week?

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