All 2017 Ford Models Will Be Compatible With Apple CarPlay, Android Auto


In a move to bolster the technology offerings of its vehicles, Ford has confirmed that all of the automobile manufacturer's 2017 models will come with the Sync 3 voice-activated entertainment and communications system, compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

When Ford said that it is pushing out Sync to all of its vehicles, the company really means to each and every one, including cars, SUVs, light trucks and electric vehicles. Sync 3 is not only rolling out in select models or in luxury vehicles, as Ford is expanding the technology to all of its customers.

"We developed one platform — Sync 3 — and have been able to quickly offer the technology across our lineup," said Ford's global director for electrical and electronic systems engineering Chuck Gray in a statement, adding that customers will now be able to link their smartphone and access their apps through the platform in any 2017 model vehicle from Ford.

This includes the Mustang, Escape, Explorer and Fusion vehicles of Ford, which already have their 2017 models available in dealerships. Other vehicles such as the Edge, Focus, F-150 and the new Super Duty will see their 2017 models released later this year, all of which will also come with Sync 3.

According to Ford, iPhone owners can use CarPlay to acquire directions that take into account current traffic conditions, initiate phone calls, receive and send messages, take control of music and other actions. Drivers will be able to do all these without taking their eyes off the road by either using Apple's digital personal assistant Siri or using the vehicle's touch screen.

Android owners, on the other hand, can use Android Auto to access Google services such as voice search, music, maps and more through the vehicle's steering wheel or through controls on the touch screen.

According to Jeffrey Hannah, the North America director for global automobile technology research company SBD, the Sync 3 system of Ford already represents major developments in simplicity, functionality and user experience, but the expansion of the system to make all of Ford's 2017 models smartphone-ready takes it one step further.

In recent news, Apple filed for a trademark of "Night Shift," which is a night mode feature for its tablets and smartphones that is expected to be rolled out soon for CarPlay.

Google, meanwhile, entered into a partnership with chip maker Qualcomm for the development of Android Auto, which includes the addition of wireless mode.

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