Ubisoft's tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege is getting a new update in August, and it sounds like it will bring some of the biggest changes to the game to date.

Like all previous Rainbow Six Siege DLC updates, Operation Skull Rain will add a new free map and two additional operators for players to play as, this time from the Brazil's Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais group. The first is Caveira, a defensive operator who has the ability to interrogate enemies in order to reveal enemy locations.

Joining Caveira is Capitão, Operation Skull Rain's offensive operator. Capitão's special ability is a specialized crossbow that fires asphyxiating bolts that burn oxygen within a certain radius, as well as micro-smoke grenades that can conceal the movements of teammates. Both Caveira and Capitão come with a variety of weapons and gadgets at their disposal as well.

Of the two, Caveira sounds more interesting. Anybody who plays Rainbow Six Siege knows that information is key to coming out on top, so having the ability to interrogate an enemy and learn the location of the rest of the enemy team sounds like a game changer. Since there's no video showing off her "Silent Step" ability, it remains to be seen how difficult it might be to pull off, but it sounds like Caveira might be truly dangerous in the right hands.

Alongside the new characters and map is the addition of the Tactical Realism custom game mode.

"By popular request, the Tactical Realism mode prevents players from marking enemies, allowing only the timer, compass, gadget, and weapon panels to be visible in the HUD," writes Ubisoft senior communications manager Giancarlo Varanini. "Additionally, there are no kill confirmations, and more realistic magazine management will be put into play. The idea is to push players to rely even more on their teammates and communication for information on enemy locations and kill counts."

Players will also have the option of surrendering in ranked matches once the update arrives, though players will only be able to do so prior to the match's third round.

Operation Skull Rain will be available on Aug. 2. Players who own the Rainbow Six Siege season pass will get instant access to Caveira and Capitão for seven days, and after that, they will be available for purchase for all players. A full reveal of the new content will be coming during the game's Pro League finals on July 30.

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