Halo 5 has no shortage of clever and imaginative custom game types.

Thanks to the game's Forge creation tools, players have dreamed up everything from Quidditch to Star Wars-style space battles. While this latest creation isn't nearly as elaborate, it's hard to deny that, sometimes, simplicity can make for some of the most addicting experiences.

Enter Halo Beer Pong. It's pretty self-explanatory. There's a giant table filled with giant red and blue cups. There's a player on either side of the table who takes turns throwing a ball into the cups. Getting a ball into a cup scores you points.

It's that simple, but that doesn't make it any less fun. With a cleverly-made lever system, players can actually cause cups to disappear once a goal has been scored, making the game type a nearly perfect (albeit giant-sized) recreation of everybody's favorite drinking game. It's a straight-forward remake of a classic game that can be played with two players.

Of course, this isn't the first time beer pong has been recreated in Halo. The game type has appeared in previous Halo games, and there's even a beer pong game type in Halo 5 that has players attempting to drive into cups using the game's ATV, rather than balls. You can check out the game type in action below via ZannyVids.

If there is one real downside to Halo Beer Pong, it's that it's not available to be played split-screen, though that's not the fault of creator AFTM Reclaimer. 343 Industries infamously cut split-screen support from the game during development, making Halo 5 the only game in the series to not support split-screen play. It's a shame, because playing Halo 5 beer pong on the couch with a buddy sounds like a great time.

Despite removing split-screen, 343 Industries has by and large knocked the rest of the Halo 5 experience out of the park. Forge continues to improve and is even going to be released on Widows 10 (for free!) soon, which means there will soon be even more crazy Forge experiences for players to try out. The game's recently-added Warzone Firefight mode is also a blast to play, combining the best parts of Halo 5's Warzone modes and the popular co-op mode from previous Halo games. However, is it as fun as beer pong? You'll have to decide for yourself. You can download Halo Beer Pong here.

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