Pokémon GO is everywhere: in schools, at hotels, at churches, at local businesses and at hot spots all over the world.

The game has managed to get people out of their houses and into their neighborhoods, although some go to great lengths to "catch them all." In addition, photos of rare Pokémon sightings appear everywhere through screen shots taken from within the game, and some of those photos are pretty hilarious.

Pokémon GO has taken over the world, making people forget — at least temporarily — about everything else. People are having fun meeting up with other trainers in their search for the rarest creatures on the planet.

Now, Pokémon GO is also on fingernails, thanks to a new trend in nail art inspired by the mobile game sensation.

Instagram is currently full of beautiful nail art based on the game, including Pikachu-inspired designs, Pokéballs, team symbols and many other Pokémon GO things. Many of these images come from Japan, where Pokémon GO just released, and they are beautiful in their creativity.

How about some glittery Pokémon GO symbols? This gorgeous nail art is perfect:

Or how about some nail art featuring nothing but Pokéballs?

These nails feature 10 of the cutest Pokémon you can catch in the game:

These nails are all about Pikachu:

How about a combination of love for all things Pokémon and Team Valor?

Want to see more? Head over to Instagram and check out the #pokemongonails and #pokemonnails hashtags.

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